A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Goodbye Lianorm

On 15 December 2011 at 6am W. European time, the Star Wars Galaxies servers shut down for the last time.

Lianorm, along with all other player cities, guilds, items, homes, ships, pets and characters, were saved to the Eclipse database for the last time. While these things brought many players a lot of joy over the years, people will remember the community built around all these virtual items with the most fondness.

We hope that this website will help serve as a reminder, a “tombstone” with a twist, to Lianorm and the fun times that we had together in Star Wars Galaxies. Please feel free to browse and check back often; more statistics, stories, information and screenshot galleries will be added in the coming period.

This video, kindly made by JakinIrali, captures the best of Lianorm in a few minutes: