A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Lianorm Telegraph #53 @21-11-2010

Chaos is afoot in the Telegraph Office!

21-11-2010@Lianorm – by Azira – It’s been all rush here at the Telegraph Office this week after no work could be accomplished due to my terminal being broken! I was actually forced to write scraps for the Telegraph on paper! Paper! Of all things! But now I have returned from the dark ages to bring you this week’s Telegraph. Fortunately, a kind neighbour allowed me to borrow his terminal so that I may draft this weeks short but sweet Telegraph up so that you all may enjoy it as usual!


Proud citizen gets what he deserves

21-11-2010@Lianorm – by Azira – As you all saw from Mayor Alyxa’s announcement last week, Iv’va has been promoted to Deputy Mayor. We asked long standing Deputy Mayor, Wolf FreeLoader, what it means to hold the post, “It’s like being First Officer on the Enterprise. Question everything, but reinforce leadership, whilst making your own judgments.” Well, this reporter isn’t really sure what the Enterprise is, but one thing is for sure that all of us at the Telegraph office wish Iv’va all the best in his well deserved new position!


Alyxa says “Do you know that…”
Noobs like to pick on small bothans, especially in Mos Eisley?
Most Bothans don’t like Tatooine anyway?
Bothans are host to a special type of trainable flea?
A lot of bothans not in the spy network are able to make a good living by giving performing flea shows?
I could use some help writing these “Do You Knows”?


Junk found floating in the lake near one citizen’s home raises suspicions

21-11-2010@Lianorm – by Azira – One concerned resident fishing in the Lianorm Lake last week gave an anonymous tip off to the Telegraph office about the state of the pollution in the lake. The citizen had been quietly fishing by former Mayor Bialar’s home when, much to her dismay, she reeled in a holorecorder, a dispersal unit and a broken datadisc, all within the space of a few minutes. Can we speculate that former Mayor Bialar has been careless with his rubbish? Or could it be sabotage by Fishing Board rivals? Bialar was unavailable to comment but Mayor Alyxa had these words of caution for the would-be fly tipper, “If I catch you, I’m going to knock your block off!” She also noted that there is a reward out for anyone who can produce solid evidence, leading to a prosecution, of who the culprit is. “We must look after our local environment,” says Alyxa, “Let’s band together to ensure the perp or perps who are making a mess of our lovely lake are caught!” Be sure to send any pictures to Azira at the Telegraph to ensure full public exposure! Now… let’s see what’s on this holorecorder…

Do you have an Ad you would like to place in the Lianorm Telegraph? Perhaps a shop or a sale you’d like to tell everyone about? Send a mail to Azira with a draft of your advertisement to see it featured in the next issue of the Telegraph.

After crashing on Tatooine, Hurst finds himself compelled by the words of a benevolent stranger

21-11-2010@Lianorm – by Hurst Quayzar – With that advice, away I went. All afternoon long, scanning the dune covered landscape for any sign of water. Several times I thought I found it, several times I failed. Until, at waypoint +6283 -422, the Abandoned Oasis was found. Its perfect circle of water, seemed to sooth ones spirit as you gazed upon it. I marked this remarkable spot on my map and befriended a few Jawas passing nearby. With my speeder in bad shape, they took me in and we headed to Mos Eisley.

With my speeder repaired, I grabbed a drink at the Cantina. As I drank, I overheard a salesman wanting to sell some “Waterfront” property to another patron of the cantina. “Preposterous! There is no such thing you lying thief!” and the man was gone. Intrigued by this, I tapped the seller on his shoulder. “Where is this property you speak of? I may be interested.” I inquired.

“Southeast. Coordinates like here.” He mumbled as he handed a napkin to me with the waypoint +1807 -6061 written on it. “It is good place.”

“I will see for myself. If I like it, I will be back with the money you ask.” I said as I took the napkin.

I rolled out of the cantina, stopping by the Star Port to order a new space ship. As I was walking, I noted a commoner selling artwork. There, on the side of a building was an oasis picture on Tatooine with several Stormtroopers. “Where is that?” I asked pointing towards the picture.

“West, North West of Mos Espa I believe”, the girl smiled, “The waypoint marked on the back of the picture reads -5270 +2810, but I don’t know how accurate it really is. Would you like to buy one?”

“Sure”, I smiled. “This will be an interesting trip”’ I thought to myself, “An Imperial area and me being Rebel. Heh, may have to get my sister involved on this adventure.”
After my order was processed, I found myself kicking up dust, scouring the sandy hillsides for patches of water. As night fell, I crested a mountain top to see a beautiful neighborhood of houses around a pool of blue. I set up camp and fished into the early hours of dawn. I fell asleep under a clear sky and to the quiet whispers of the wind blowing through the valley.

“He wasn’t a lying thief after all, “I sighed. “I will have to pay him another visit.”


21-11-2010@Lianorm – by Hurst – Hello fellow neighbors and residents of Lianorm. This is Hurst Quayzar reporting in from the sandy wasteland known as Lok. Lianorm was able to reclaim its point in the Fishing Leader Board last week and has maintained it for 2 weeks. For those who haven’t tried it, traveling at light speed to Lianorm from the deepest, darkest areas of Dathomir is quite, shall I dare I say, AWESOME! Thanks to everyone that put forth the effort to keep Lianorm near the top. Keep up the great work. The City was edged out of first place in the final hours by the City Storm Haven.

This week begins another round with Kadrette and Stefenart leading the charge. Unfortunately, I have only been able to sample the Lokian Fish Meat so far. The Samples appear to have some promising attributes with a 970 Decay Resistance and 972 Overall Quality.
As for Fishing Tips for this week… Fish parallel along the shoreline in shallow waters. When you get a BITE!, let yourself REEL IN one good time, then walk over to your catch. Remember, if you are or get within 2 Meters of your cast, you will automatically end your fishing enjoyment, so give yourself some space.
Now I must go. I need to send this message to the Lianorm Press before the Sand Storms hit…

Azira interviews a new citizen: Kadre!

*Let me begin by welcoming you to Lianorm! Our first question is quite obvious: how did you come to live in Lianorm?
I’m one who reads the boards (don’t tell my boss) and quickly determined a few ‘voices of reason’. Three that come to mind are Iaklub, Oddwan and Tim. It seemed to me that all three are server-oriented, and I like that. I have yet to meet Tim, but Oddwan highly recommended NEI and I have never lived on Naboo, for some reason. Tat sort of reminds me of 29 Palms, if anyone out there recognizes that, so Lianorm fit best.

*How long have you been playing SWG? Are you enjoying the game so far?
I started SWG in Oct ’03 at the insistence of this cute 23 YO and it’s my first MMO. The game lasted longer than the relationship, but it was really interesting with two comps in one room and sending each other tells. Why did we do that?

I took a couple of years off for business reasons, so probably 5 years total game experience, restarting fresh this past September.

*I understand that you have many alt characters. Why is this? And which one is your “main”?
I suppose my ‘main’ would be Kadre, commando. I really enjoy pets, and treat some of the others as such. It would not be uncommon to see three of me on a krayt 😛 Bots=pets, and I enjoy the challenge of macro’ing support personnel.

*Are you enjoying your new guild, NEI?
NEI seems to have the best folks around. Both cities rock and everyone has been really helpful. I want to support guild and cities, so have been leveling like crazy, limiting my conversations quite a bit. Once I feel I can help more than hinder, I want to get involved with the community activities, but I’m not quite there. One hindrance that was not apparent immediately is the time zone difference, so weekends are best for that.

*Do you have any plans for the future? What professions would you like to try out? What are your expectations of the game?
I have played every current profession and most of the pre-CU ones, and made a point of leveling the prof, not respec’ing. Leveling is learning. Primary professions will be mando and medic/BM, with possibly an ent/BM de-buffer (Wigit says carry a medic with me :-P). The rest are support and I use them as required. A structures trader is there just for the convenience of RE’ing my space parts. I added a munitions trader yesterday just for SEAs. All the alts are ents for now.

*And what do you hope to find and achieve in Lianorm?
In the distant past, we used to gather on the city steps and shoot the bull for hours. Guildchat made that galaxy-wide, but I actually miss it. It was more predominant when our city was 4k north of Duebo and we had no bikes or shuttles, but then…

*Have you already joined a faction (Rebel or Imperial) and why?
Yes, and yes, and because Iaklub told me to 😛 I started in space and enjoy space PvP, but there are few imps around, so I have each kind of pilot and have tried to balance the events he is setting up. They are going well and will continue, but those things take time. I rarely ground PvP unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

*Do you like the Naboo system? Or does your preference lie with another planet?
I’ve actually started a small enclave on Rori, just for convenience. No other spaceport is more accessible. Our performance in the fishing arena may change that for residents and guildmembers, but not for customers.

*What do you think of the Eclipse community in general? Are they friendly?
Friendly is an understatement. The population seemed to be weaned down to the best folks in game. Naturally I miss the groups that have some and gone over the years, and still am in contact with quite a few, but the friendly banter and obvious closeness in guildchat makes me look forward to more relationships like that.

*Lastly, we’d love to know what you think of the people in Lianorm. Have you met many of them? Any gossip going around?

Candidly, I haven’t met many in the city due to the time zones, but I did hear that Iak was pregnant and Wolf isn’t talking about it much. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but Tere is somewhere in the midst of all that.

So, with the above, please understand that when one of me doesn’t answer that I may be looking at the combat log, or a full pack of space parts, and am not ignoring, but practicing for my OCD tests. Also, I usually disable sound on the toons that are bots, or just laying about. I did write a ‘short’ version for a friend of mine on SS…
/alias kk /t eclipse.kadre,eclipse.kadreau,eclipse.kadrette,eclipse.kadroid,eclipse.kadruid,eclipse.kadrette
Even with a few shots of 151 it still worked ! What irritates me is that now I have to add two more 😛

Thanks for having me.

*Thank you for this interview, and have lots of fun in Lianorm!

—–End of edition—–
Copyright: Azira – Lianorm, Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy
Lianorm Telegraph archive: http://bit.ly/lia-telegraph
Join the Lianorm City Chat in-game: /chatroom join swg.eclipse.lia


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