A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Lianorm Telegraph #54 @12-12-2010

Mayor plans to hold a celebration!

12-12-2010@Lianorm – by Alyxa – I’m amazed and proud to share with you the news that it’s been almost seven years since our beloved city was founded. The city hall was laid down by As’em Blar on 14 December 2003, just after the Galaxy came back online that day. To commemorate the occasion, I will be holding a small gathering next Sunday, 19 December at 19:00 GMT in Lianorm’s main square outside the City Hall. I want to thank you all for being citizens of our fine city. After all, it is you and your contribution that help make it what the Governing staff affectionately call “The Jewel of Naboo”. If anyone would like to help organise an event or two for the commemoration, please feel free to contact me with your idea / proposal.

Alyxa says “Do you know…”
– that this week’s bumper “Do you know’s” are dedicated to Lianorm?
– that Lianorm was first going to be named “New Amsterdam”?
– that Lianorm ended up being named after the nearby Lianorm Swamp region of Naboo?
– that the city was Dutch speaking only until 2005?
– that the city has had 9 Mayors, all of them slightly potty?
– that all the Mayor’s statues are situated in the City Hall?
– that Lianorm is the 6th eldest city in the Galaxy?
– that despite the ‘90-day inactivity rule’ Lianorm has never lost ‘Metropolis’ rank?
– that Lianorm is most famous for being once the home of the United Lowlands, makers of the Galaxy’s first Jetpack and complete Mandalorian Armour suit?
– that the Mandalorian Armour suit is on display in the Synergy Guild Museum?
– that Mayor Xilian once renamed the city to Virvurville as a joke? (see if you can find the evidence of this in the Synergy Guild Museum Hall!)
– that Lianorm has enough maintenance to run for about 69 years thanks to Ludossk?

But we’re back now. Did you miss us?

12-12-2010@Lianorm – by Azira – I am glad to be back in one piece! My employers — who have nothing to do with the Rebellion whatsoever — called me away unexpectedly two weeks ago to partake in a mission of utmost importance to the political stability of the Naboo system! The doctor who was originally assigned to the mission was taken ill at the last minute and I was summoned from reserves instead. I was in Theed Med Centre when the call came in, right in the middle of removing an Ithorian’s tonsils! I dropped everything (literally) and headed off immediately to business on Rori. It all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to make arrangements for the delivery of the Telegraph! So here it is, a bit late I’m afraid, but here nonetheless, and just in time for Lianorm’s birthday. Happy Birthday Lianorm from us all here at the Telegraph Office!

* Visit the Lianorm Mall! Located at in the Main Square, just left as you step off the shuttle port, we sell all manner of needful things, such as armour, cybernetics, droids, space parts and curiosities.

* Do you have an Ad you would like to place in the Lianorm Telegraph? Perhaps a shop or a sale you’d like to tell everyone about? Send a mail to Azira with a draft of your advertisement to see it featured in the next issue of the Telegraph.

* The Telegraph is also still looking for freelance reporters. If you have an article, short story, poem, or piece of news that you would like to share with your fellow citizens, feel free to send your submission to Azira before any Sunday.

Could someone really be mining Lianorm’s precious soil?

12-12-2010@Lianorm – by Azira – Mayor Alyxa was ready to put Mistress Militia Anish over her knee the other day after discovering a mail in her inbox which stated that a Mineral Mining Installation had been placed within Lianorm’s borders. As you know, such installations are strictly forbidden under Pain of Cloning, so Alyxa was in quite a temper. After making several unsuccessful patrols around the city to find the abomination, she gave up and huffed, “I think someone has been playing a prank on me!” Or could someone have infiltrated the city hall mail system and be trying to sew seeds of discontent and mistrust amongst the Governing body?

— Gossip column —
by Anonymous
Mayor Watch
Rumour has it that Mayor Alyxa is ready to return to Imperial duty soon. Hopefully she won’t make too much of a Zucca Boar’s ear of the Galaxy in the Emperor’s name!

Shocking news everyone. Iaklub is not actually a citizen of Lianorm! He’s always here though, What could he be up to?

12-12-2010@Lianorm – by Hurst – Good day to you all… Hurst here reporting in from Dantooine with the Lianorm Fishing Report. After several hours of fishing myself, I have retreated to my camp near the water to warm and dry my cold, water logged feet next to the fire. Figured this would be a great time to send my report to the Lianorm Telegraph Office.

I was surprised as Mayor Alyxa was to see us hold 1st Place this week after a narrow 3rd place finish last week. Well done by all. Yours truly was able to hang onto 5th place on the week ending 2 Dec. 2010 while Iv’va solidly hung onto 3rd place this past week.

This week, we are seeing newcomers hit the board for the City as Bioge and Kadretta have put some good numbers into the fishing pool. And as always, we are seeing Iv’va leading the charge. Good Luck to you all…

I always enjoy sharing info with you all as time permits… This week, I share my Dantooine 5-Star Fishing Location. Nice site for a camp and shallow enough in places to wade out into the river to fish. Point your Speeder towards -2446 -6030, East of the Pirate Outpost, or check the transportation terminal for my camp. This seems to be a consistent 5-Star rating on a weekly basis.

If you have a favorite spot, drop me a line and I will review it for the next issue.

Remember Lianorm, You can Tune a Piano, but you can’t Tuna Fish! Hurst out!

Azira interviews Lianorm’s longest standing citizen: Bialar Crais!

*Bialar, you are the longest standing continuous citizen of Lianorm! Congratulations! Let me ask, how long have you lived in Lianorm?
I guess that would be about 6 and a half years, give or take a few days.

*And how did you come to live here?
I was kind of straggling along on Tatooine when I met some Dutch folk. (Vilya being on of them). They lured me into setting up a house in Lianorm. In the time that followed, my siblings moved to Lianorm as well.

*What are your best memories of Lianorm? Any highlights / lowlights you’d like to share?
For me, the best thing was that Lianorm was a haven outside of the war, where people could just live together and get along fine. There were lots of organised hunts and raids. The fact that it was founded by the Dutch also had its charm. As to lowlights, the only thing that really comes to mind is the great migration of people a long time ago, almost causing Lianorm to become a ghost-city.

*Do you still enjoy SWG after all this time?
Oh yes, I do still.

*I understand you were once Mayor of Lianorm, how long were you Mayor, and did you enjoy the experience?
Well, the timing was a bit wrong for me. Had a lot of RL issues going on at the same time, so never really did anything more than maintaining the status quo.

*What do you think of the new Lianorm community that has come in since many of the founding citizens left for the outer rim?
I really enjoy it. Some of the new people I already knew from other aspects of the game, and other I did not. But it’s good to see some activity going on in the city again.

*We were all sad to see your old guild, WaTON, fade away. Do you miss the good old days? Are you enjoying your new guild, NEI?
The only way to go is forward really. Sometimes I look back and miss some of the things. But luckily I’ve found a new place, with loads nice, albeit a bit eccentric, people 😉

*Do you have any tips for other veterans for maintaining interest in the game?
Wow… tough one. This game has so much content really. There’s still heaps that I have not done myself. And besides, I am easily entertained, which helps. I think the only real advice is that you have to find your own challenges, and not wait for them to be handed out to you on a silver platter.

*Thank you for this interview. I hope you continue to enjoy living in Lianorm for a long time to come!
That is very much my plan 😀 Thanks to you as well.

—–End of edition—–
Copyright: Azira – Lianorm, Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy
Lianorm Telegraph archive: http://bit.ly/lia-telegraph
Join the Lianorm City Chat in-game: /chatroom join swg.eclipse.lia


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