A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Lianorm Telegraph #55 @25-12-2010

Happy holidays everyone!

25-12-2010@Lianorm – by Azira – The Lianorm Telegraph is brought to you a little early this week because it is celebration time once again, as Life Day comes to Lianorm! You probably have already noticed the homely, if somewhat chaotic, decorations placed by Mayor Alyxa in the Main Square. If you haven’t already been, take a trip to Dearic, Wayfar and Doaba Guerfel and get into the seasonal spirit (there’s a hip new coat schematic to be had to keep those winter chills at bay — Mayor Alyxa will sew yours for free as a gift!) Other Lianorm citizens are getting into the spirit of things too. Fishing Correspondent Hurst has been handing out free Life Day-themed Fishing Hats at the Shuttle Port over the last week. Haven’t got yours yet? No worries, Hurst still has plenty in stock. Drop him a line to get your very own commemorative hat. Happy holidays everyone!

Alyxa places a factory within the Lianorm City Limits

25-12-2010@Lianorm – by Azira – We received an anonymous tip off recently about a new construction near the heart of Lianorm itself. This structure was one that we haven’t seen for a long, long time in Lianorm: a Wearables Factory. It was proudly emblazoned with the logo of Synergy Industries, which is our very own Mayor’s trading name! It is common knowledge that Mayor Alyxa strictly forbids the placing of factories and harvesters within the city limits. When confronted about the double standards presented, Mayor Alyxa made this statement, “I had to make a factory run of commemorative Life Day Fishing Hats for Hurst. If I hadn’t you’d all be very disappointed now! My phobia of peko-peko albatross prevents me from venturing far from the city to place my necessary structures. I had an acute attack of the phobia after hearing about the recent attacks on Ludissk (Telegraph #51). It brings me out in purple spots (under the fur — no you may not look!) from which I am not yet fully recovered. My doctor, who is not a quack like Azira, prescribed a 90 day course of ‘no contact with anything feathered. As you can see, I have several weeks still of that course to go. Sorry if I have caused any offence, however, needs must when the Emperor drives!”

If you’ve got a problem, and no-one else can help, maybe you should call: Dr Iak!

25-12-2010@Lianorm – by Azira – Iaklub Ni’foece recently found himself homeless as his lease on his Bandits Hideout home suddenly expired this week. In need of a new home, he was welcomed with open arms by his relations in Lianorm, and has since set up his bunker on one of the hills on the outskirts of the town. Iaklub has, for some time, expressed an interest in writing a problem page / Agony Uncle column for the Telegraph, but until now has been prevented from doing so due to his Citizenship Deficit Disorder (CDD). But now that he is living here you are now all encouraged to send your problems, no matter how big or small, embarrassing, silly or trivial, to Dr Iak so that he may answer them in his new Telegraph column, starting next issue! When asked how he planned to approach all the problems, Dr Iak said, “I will be able to answer all problems with empathy and possibly a touch of humor :-)”. Certainly should be interesting! Thank you, Dr Iak!

Her new get-up is totally spooking up the place and starting a Galactic trend

25-12-2010@Lianorm – by Azira – Arkisha has been spotted wearing the latest in high fashion around Lianorm this week. Her outfit — comprised of Nightsister Tarnished Shroud, Pestilence Leggings, Dyed Foot Wraps and Battle Mantle — has sparked many copycat designs throughout the Galaxy. Lianorm’s own Mistress Anish has also been sighted sporting new Nightsister Knickers and dreadlocks as the bosom-bearing phenomenon catches on. Some Galactic citizens had this to say:
Oddensa, “Daring!”
Iaklub, “Arki should add more skin tone to really show it off! 😀 ”

Alyxa says “Do you know…”
– That Lianorm has a botanical garden?
– That the new Nightsister / Singing Mountain Clan themed trees look great in there?
– That some of those new trees are really HUGE?!
– That the area of Lianorm where the Generic houses live is not a slum but merely an aesthetic arrangement of similarly styled buildings?
– That Deputy Mayor -Wolf cries himself to sleep when Lianorm loses a citizen? Even if it’s only temporary?

Dear Citizens, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the short gathering we had in honour of Lianorm’s birthday last Sunday. It was a pleasure to share hot chocolate with you all! For those of you who couldn’t make it, I hope to see you there next year for Lianorm’s eighth birthday!

* Do you have an Ad you would like to place in the Lianorm Telegraph? Perhaps a shop or a sale you’d like to tell everyone about? Send a mail to Azira with a draft of your advertisement to see it featured in the next issue of the Telegraph.

* The Telegraph is looking for freelance reporters. If you have an article, short story, poem, or piece of news that you would like to share with your fellow citizens, feel free to send your submission to Azira before any Sunday.

A short story by Camaro Quayzar

“Not exactly what I had envisioned, but it will do,” Camaro mumbled to herself as she surveyed her newly placed home in the city of Lianorm, Naboo. The round configuration of the house was a decorating challenge. She had just moved to the city after a year of being out on her own, in the wild country side near the famous Lake Retreat.
Bored with the remote location and the longing to be within a city became an obsession. Her patience and persistence paid off to find the “Right” city to relocate to. After several months of traveling, she found Lianorm. Nestled right in the middle of Naboo near a large lake, she fell in love with the city. It looked to be quite organized and well maintained by its residents. After a quick message to Lianorm’s Mayor, she was able to establish her spot near a cantina and the shuttle port.
Feeling somewhat satisfied with how the house was arranged, she sat back to check her inventory.
“Camaro… You busy?” her comm unit blared, startling her from the paperwork trance, “I need some creative help.”
The voice sounded somewhat desperate. A customer was not what she was wanting. With her shop in disarray, she wanted to get things in order to open her shop before she did anything else.
“Camaro… You there?”
Reluctantly, she picked up the unit and answered the now frantic plea. “This is Camaro, what can I do for you?”
“I have a home near Moenia and I would like for you to make something for me. I will send you the coordinates and can meet you there in 5 minutes,” a calmer voice replied.
“Okay, send me the location. I will meet you there.”
“Thank you so much, but please hurry!”
With a heavy sigh, Camaro packed up her R-2 Droid “Blueprint” and hopped on the next shuttle to Moenia.
When she approached the median Nubian home, a man came out front and started waving to her. She parked her swoop and greeted him.
“Why the rush for a decorating job?” Camaro asked.
“It’s for my wife,” the man said, directing Camaro inside the home. “She is pregnant and I want to surprise her with a crib.”
A CRIB!? Oh my… I traveled across Naboo to make a Crib? How do I even make one of those?
Hiding her frustration, she began thinking things through. How can I create this object for this guy?
“Okay,” Camaro said forcing a smile, “I will do my best”.
With a hand full of resources and “Blueprint” by her side, she was able to create a piece of what she thought was nothing short of artwork.

Posted Image

As she assembled the last piece, the gentleman’s wife arrived. Camaro could hear the excitement in his voice as he beckoned her to come upstairs.
His wife broke down into tears as she laid eyes on the crib. “That is beautiful!” she exclaimed. She gave Camaro a huge hug and marveled over the crib’s structure. As the husband and wife embraced each other, Camaro slipped out of the room and proceeded outside.
“Camaro… Here!” the man called out, running down the stairs, “Your payment”.
“No thanks,” she smiled,”Seeing her excitement and being able to do this for you was payment enough for me. Keep the credits as a gift from me to the baby.”
The man smiled and nodded, fighting back tears. “Thank You!”
The words echoed in her head for several meters as she raced over the grassy hillsides of Naboo. A smile remained on her face for the entire trip back to Lianorm. She was even able to maintain that smile, as she looked around at her familiar, un-organized home and office.
“Not exactly what I had envisioned, but it will _definitely_ do!”

25-12-2010@Lianorm – by Hurst – Lianorm, welcome to my fishing section of the Telegraph. If you haven’t received your Lianorm Festive Fisherman Hat, please send me a /tell or mail. I will be more than glad to travel the galaxy in order for you to have one. Happy Holidays to all!

Now where was I? Ah yes, nothing better than enjoying an Endorian Trout, cooked to perfection over an open flame, smothered with a Grava-Berry sauce. I have begun to collect my thoughts for this edition while fishing on the banks of Endor. A seemingly quiet planet, Endor has become one of my favorite spots to relax, and of course, fish.

Two weeks ago, Lianorm stormed the ranks again by placing first. This week, however, it has seen a bit of a struggle to hang onto second place. While Iv’va, Lacuna, Arkisha and I have done the best we could, it still wasn’t quite enough to swing us into the top spot. Still, the competition is getting tighter and Lianorm will always prevail. Congrats to you all!

On the individual Leader Board, Iv’va and I were the only two in the Top Ten this week. I came in at a distant 4th place while Iv’va finished with a solid 9th.

Looking back onto the history, Lianorm has placed 1st (4 times), 2nd (5 times) and 3rd (1 time). This is a significant achievement! This also shows how well Lianorm works together as a city towards a common goal. While some may not find this info interesting, the Guild N-E-I has almost the same stats, making them the most successful Guild so far in this contest, placing 9 times in the Top 3 spots. Lianorm and the N-E-I Guild have a reason to celebrate!

I am compelled to quote our dark nemesis or leader, depending on your faction… “Impressive.”

—–End of edition—–
Copyright: Azira – Lianorm, Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy
Lianorm Telegraph archive: http://bit.ly/lia-telegraph
Join the Lianorm City Chat in-game: /chatroom join swg.eclipse.lia


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