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Fishing Leaderboard Results 2011: Week 8

Dear Citizens

Just a few centimetres shy of the top spot, Lianorm made it into the top three on the Fishing Leaderboard once again.

Thank you to everyone who fishes for the town. Anyone who uses the city Travel Point should remember that we wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for these dedicated fishermen/women.

Good luck for the coming fishing period!

Best regards,

Mayor Alyxa

> Congratulations.
> City Lianorm has won the fishing leaderboard for the weekly period ending Thu Feb 24 11:00:00 2011 PST.
> 1. ‘Storm Haven’, 20.477401m
> 2. Lianorm, 20.320572m
> 3. Fort Sanguine Hills, 20.092321m


Lianorm Telegraph #59 @20-02-2011

Editor’s note: This issue of the Telegraph is a little late this week due to a malfunction in the Telegraph Office’s printing presses, caused by a rogue Vir Vur chewing on power cabling. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

Annual Ewok Love Fesival returns to the Galaxy!
20-02-2011@Lianorm – by Camaro – There has been a lot of activity in Kaadara, Naboo / Tyrena, Corellia and the Southern Ewok Village on Endor. Hearts can be seen bouncing through the air and match-making has become the name of the game. Citizens run around aimlessly looking for the perfect match for their new friend, or they are picking up loose cards for a young Ewok. Yes the Ewok Love Festival is well underway. And like the many festivals before, Kyoopid has been sighted in these cities and willing to give you a badge for a bundle of cards or a couple of Chak Hearts.

Along with this festival, I have had a great opportunity to build some stunning new furniture. The Armoire and the Love Bed have become quite popular. Made from genuine Endorian materials, these are sure to last a life time. Other items of interest may be the Halo, Wings, Fountains and other memorabilia. Don’t forget to make sure you stop by and get yours soon. So go out and spread the love.

20-02-2011@Lianorm – by Anonymous – A new Bath House has been built within the city. Such a place is great for relaxing and hosting a Pool Party. One such party was held recently by our own -Wolf. Reportedly after downing several Chak Juices in Kaadara, he was seen escorting a couple of females (or believed to be females) into this Bath House. After an hour or so of enjoying the ambiance, -Wolf was spotted running out of the Bath House screaming something about “Aliens” and that he didn’t “Go that way”. Another eye-witness reported some flashing lights and squealing coming from the Bath House. Sources say that this “Strange Squeal and Light show” lasted for two hours before everything went calm. Then the two “Females” were seen leaving Lianorm by shuttle. No other witnesses were present during this time. -Wolf was unavailable for comment.

Please be aware that the Chak Juices from the Love Festival are potent and may cause poor judgment, hallucinations and lack of self-control. Please enjoy the festivities responsibly.

This week, -Wolf FreeLoader examines damage, specials and DOT.

Sometimes in instances or against certain enemies, the damage you do is given back to you.
This can obviously kill you. Accidental suicide is no fun, so how is it worked out and how can you minimize the risk? Most instance based damage ‘reflections’ are not in fact based on damage, but are a fixed amount given back to you. This means the faster you attack, the more damage you’ll get back. Bad news for pistoleers! So the trick IS to use special attacks only! This is best evidenced in the 1st room of the Exar Kun instance. Firing at the boss gives you and, if you have the debuff, your team mates a small damage hit. This is a fixed amount so firing slower, more powerful attacks, will do more damage to the boss and less damage to you! DOTs can also be used, as only the initial hit will deal damage back to you.

Another type of damage return is action based damage. How much action you spend gives you a hit back in proportion to the action. Using specials in this case, is obviously bad! The more base DPS you can dish out is the key to surviving this encounter. Once again, DOT types of damage will aid greatly, but you’ll take a ‘hit’ from the 1st use of the special.

The last type I’ll cover, is the saber reflect/return fire type. These are damage return ‘attacks’ that ‘feed’ off your attacking the user of the special. Base hits as well as special attacks will all trigger a return hit. So what can you do? The solution lies in DOTs, as these (other than the initial attack) do not trigger an attack event, and so, no return damage. Give the owner the run around till the special wears off, let your action recharge and then pile on your damage.

Camaro still has a Vendor, located in the Hunting Lodge Guild Hall for those who wish to participate in our weekly fishing competition. The Vendor is active and presently located in the left hand side office as you come into the Hall. The ‘Rod-n-Reels’ are only 1 Credit for purchase for all Lianorm Residents. Please, only 1 per customer. Get yours TODAY!

If you have a problem, send a mail to Dr. Iaklub. He has the solution!

20-02-2011@Lianorm – by Hurst – Greetings all. Hurst here with another report of Lianorm’s fishing activities. Week ending on February 10th, Iv’va, Kadnance, Kadrette and Myself were able to put Lianorm and NEI into 1st place. Awesome job by all. On a personal leaderboard standpoint, Iv’va placed 8th and I placed 2nd. However, this past week, Lianorm fell to 2nd place in the late hours of the weekly contest. NEI was able to stand firm in 1st place. In the personal leaderboards, Kadnance really took everyone by storm in the early going and placing 3rd overall. I was only able to maintain 2nd place.

Looking at sheer numbers, I was amazed a few weeks ago as to the lead ‘Storm Haven’ had. I believe that getting data out to the city, may really help us realize just how easy it can be to achieve this. For Lianorm to achieve a score of 22.0 or better, we need 25 fish of .88 or better. So, I ask that you think about that as you sit on the banks of a peaceful stream on your favorite planet.

A short story by Hurst Quayzar
Utchi (U-tee-Chee) is an Ewokian guide I ran across several years ago while exploring the planet. He has always shown me those “Special” fishing locations and has been a great friend. He would always find my camp with his keen senses. Usually, when he would catch up with me, we would share stories. My stories were always about my galactic adventures, encounters or the city. But his stories were always the same. It was always about an Elusive Gigantic Fish somewhere on Endor. This fish was believed to have been a mutated Nubian Gooberfish that was smuggled in by a scientist from Kashyyyk. This so called “Gooberfish” grew fifty times its normal size, due to the lush Endorian environment and scientific mutation effects. These stories were passed down from generation to generation. These stories intrigued him as a cub and I had always chuckled inside as he told them. He was very passionate about telling them and told them as if he had seen this ugly, mutated beast of a fish with his own eyes.

On my last trip to Endor, stories were the least of our worries however. As I fished off a bank, I heard some rustling in my camp some 25 meters away. I wedged my fishing pole into its cradle and headed up towards my camp. There I found a frantic Utchi, rummaging through all my supplies and squeaking in an Endorian dialectic that I had never heard. I desperately tried to understand it, but it didn’t seem to make sense to me. Sounded like something swallowed a green spirit… Huh?!

“Utchi!” I screamed. As I approached my tent, I cringed as I watched a chair fly out of the door. No response. I slowly pulled the door flap back to get a look inside. Who knew what else was coming out of that flap at 60 plus kph. There, I saw Utchi crouching down looking at a leg piece to my sleeping cot.

“Utchi!,” I repeated, a bit more softer. Startled, he whipped his head up to me and pointed the cot leg towards me as if he was going to stab me with it…!

Find out what happens to Hurst in the next issue of the Lianorm Telegraph!

—–End of edition—–
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Fishing Leaderboard Results 2011: Week 7

Dear Citizens

Lianorm has reached the top three once again thanks to your fishing efforts. Many thanks once again to all who fished last week, and good luck for the coming period.


Mayor Alyxa

> Congratulations.
> City Lianorm has won the fishing leaderboard for the weekly period ending Thu Feb 17 11:00:00 2011 PST.
> 1. ‘Storm Haven’, 21.605447m
> 2. Lianorm, 21.342925m
> 3. Purgatory, 17.31367m