A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Lianorm Telegraph #58 @06-02-2011

Latest Officer update causes mayhem for Civic Repair Teams

06-02-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – If you’re the owner of one of the taller buildings in town — a Large Naboo House, a Spire, Tower or Temple — you had better watch out; Officers can now call for supply drops within the city limits! When an officer calls for a supply drop, a Lambda shuttle descends from orbit to deposit a crate of survival goods for use by the Officer and their group. It is widely reported that the rodian pilots of these shuttles are often drunken grunts whose skills are barely good enough to keep the ship in orbit, let alone land one safely. This is why such pilots are relegated to the duty of sitting alone in orbit and waiting for an Officer to call them down.

Before the update, Officers were not permitted to signal these orbiting ships from within municipal zones due to the dangers posed to civic buildings. However, Officers have long lobbied planetary administrations change the rules so they may call supplies within civic boundaries. Their efforts finally won through and this week, in celebration, Lianorm’s resident Officers began calling many a supply ship from orbit within the town’s boundaries. This has resulted in mere superficial — but widespread — damage thus far to various structures throughout the city. For example, Lacuna’s Tower on the west bank had its antenna snapped right off by a low flying supply ship! Fortunately, the event was witnessed and the antenna glued back on by Alyxa before Lacuna could notice. Many other buildings have turned up mysteriously damaged; several roof tiles are missing from the main square guild halls and one of the City Hall’s pillars appears to have been heavily scraped on one side near its summit. Mayor Alyxa fears this is only the beginning and issued this statement, “Dear Officers of Lianorm, please be careful if you call for a supply drop in town! Do your best to guide the idiot pilot in to land at an open area away from buildings or you may find yourself with a hefty repair bill on your hands!”

After accidentally relieving himself of his civic duties

06-02-2011@Lianorm – by Xiola – The history of Bothans in Lianorm has always been tinged by flavours of scandal and oddity. At worst, it has bordered on the perverse. If you would deign to look back through the early archives of Ye Olde Telegraph, you will find mention of a fine example of Bothan perversity in the name of Tibe Ot’tah. This tiny fellow became famous in Lianorm as something of an (unsuccessful) lad-about-town. As a side effect of his obvious testosterone imbalance, he frequently seasoned the city’s street lamps, often quite heavily, forcing Mayor Xilian to draft in extra cleaning crews. Moreover, Tibe would be found humping furniture in the homes of his latest feminine quarries if they neglected to lock their doors.

More recently, we have a Bothan Mayor who is almost certainly single-handedly perpetuating the Great Nabooian Flea Epidemic and, as many observers will point out, more than a little bit barmy.

But nothing quite takes the dog biscuit like Osalot A’lya. Being fairly new in town, Osalot quickly established himself as the new Village Idiot with his wild public displays of jumping up and down and flailing his arms around. But despite his constant — and infuriating — nervous tic, he managed to land himself a job in the Lianorm Civil Service as an assistant militia member. There is no question that, to allow this travesty to take place, there was either large amounts of money involved, or Mayor Alyxa took deep pity on her fellow Bothan.

This week however, Osalot managed to revoke — or sack — himself of his militia status when, during a routine resettlement of another citizen, he neglected to check if he was actually declared a resident in that house he was removing. He briefly found himself homeless until he scampered off to another nearby house to re-declare his residence in Lianorm.

I actually witnessed the event and had the delight of pointing out his mistake. Will Mayor Alyxa take pity on the Village Idiot? Or will she send him to bed without any dinner?

There is also the question of the damaged buildings around town since the Officer Update. Could this also be the work of careless Bothan Officers calling for supply drops in town?

***Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Telegraph staff!***

Alyxa says “Do you know…”
– That all of Lianorm’s streetlamps are called “Straatlantaarn”?
– That Straatlantaarn means Streetlamp in Dutch? (Duh!)
– That poffertjes are little Dutch pancakes?
– That they are a vir vur’s favourite food next to carrots and grass?
– That it is a complete lie that I was ever married to Tibe Ot’tah?

Rumour has it that the Mayor is going away too!

06-02-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – As some of you may, or may not know, I have been drafted for medical service in a far quadrant of the Galaxy! While this is a very exciting opportunity for me, I sadly will not be able to edit the Telegraph for the four week period that I will be away. However, Hurst has kindly stepped up to be temporary Editor in Chief of the Telegraph during this time. Hurst has done a great job these last few months with his fishing column. He also enjoys writing short stories about his adventures in the Galaxy, so no doubt we’ll see a few of those in the upcoming pages of the Telegraph. Allow me to extend warm thanks to Hurst on behalf of myself and the avid Telegraph readers of Lianorm!

Flying around the rumour mill is the tale that Mayor Alyxa is also planning to be out of town for a few weeks. It is little known that her grandmother on Bothawui has been sick for some time and it is suspected that Alyxa will be making a pilgrimage to the Bothan homeworld to pay her last respects to her elderly family member. Whatever Alyxa’s true reason for her absence, we wish her a speedy and safe return!

-Wolf FreeLoader’s column examines an aspect of combat, defence or the gaming system in each issue. This time -Wolf explains a little about choosing what modifiers to use in your clothing and armour attachments.

Exotic modifiers are great. They can directly influence stats that other base mods like Precision and Strength can’t touch. This tempts many people to try stacking attachment exotics and powerups that boost these attributes because this is one of the few ways to directly influence them. However, due to the way the some exotics are limited, they may actually provide *less* of a boost to the stats than by simply adding another +35 base stat that would affect these special mods, for example, an Agility vs a Dodge mod. The Agility mod would also deliver the benefit of boosting other stats while the Dodge exotic would only boost that single stat.

One of the main problems with this type of exotic is the low conversion ratio, which means a +35 bit will be divided down to a low amount. The conversion ratio shown on the mod bit will tell you how it would divide a +35. Along with the actual mod amount being low, like on some special stats like Dodge and Parry, these mods also affect the actual stat only very slightly. Each +1 is not actually a +1% to the stat, its only 0.1%. A Dodge attachment will get you 0.3% to Dodge. So you get much less bang for your buck than with a +35 Agility, which would add 0.35% Dodge AND affect Parry and Evasion.

Always check what the exotic actually will do before you jump to using it, often just stacking base attributes will get you much further!

NOTICE: Camaro still has a Vendor, located in the Hunting Lodge Guild Hall for those who wish to participate in our weekly fishing competition. The Vendor is active and presently located in the right hand side office as you come into the Hall. The ‘Rod-n-Reels’ are only 1 Credit for purchase for all Lianorm Residents. Please, only 1 per customer. Get yours TODAY!

THANKS: Xiramia wishes to express special thanks to Bard’ika, who became the final medic in her Build-A-Buff workshop collection recently. She also wishes to thank everyone else who has helped out with the collection so far, and would like to remind everyone that she still needs several Officers, Bounty Hunters and Commandos to complete the set. If you are one of these professions, please look Xiramia up for a free buff! She can usually be found in Forghyl’s buffhouse on Dantooine.

If you have a problem, send a mail to Dr. Iaklub. He has the solution!

Well only two weeks in my new role as Problem Solver and already I have had a compliant:

Dear Dr Iak,
I would like a written apology from you in the next issue of the Telegraph. I have not EVER “made” anyone wear a gag or be my furniture. You can ask a few Lianorm residents that (if they talk to you). What you wrote is slander and I may seek the advice of my lawyer!
Kind regards, Mistress Anish

(P.S. Hope to see you again soon Iak 😉  )

Dear Mistress Anish
I do apologise for any misunderstanding, but living next door to you and hearing what can only be described as animal sounds coming from your property at various times followed a little bit later by various people coming out means that one must draw some conclusions!

As for using people as a human footstool, I have it on good authority that you do like to put your feet up on occasion and relax.

As a sign of good faith I have left you the gift of a footstool and ball gag in the Lianorm Telegraph office.
– Dr Iak

06-02-2011@Lianorm – by Hurst – Good Day Lianorm. Hurst here reporting from the Guild Hall Hunting Lodge. With a new Data Pad in my possession, I have finally been able to get this article out of my head and into print.

The week of January 27th ended with Lianorm placing second. Thanks to Alyxa, Kadrette, Kadnance and Iv’va for making this a close race. Along with Lianorm, NEI also took 2nd place. On the personal Leader Boards; I was able to barely hang onto 4th place.

As this past week came to an end, I saw ‘Storm Haven’ continue its onslaught of taking 1st place, leaving Lianorm to settle into a solid 2nd place finish. NEI however was able to take and maintain 1st place all week long. That was, up until an hour and 10 minutes left of the competition. Then we fell to 2nd. Congrats to all on that close near victory! On the personal Leader Boards, we saw Lianormians show some great effort there as well. Myself in 5th, Kadrette in 7th, Kadnance in 9th with Iv’va in 10th. Congrats to Kadrette on catching the top 3 Fish for Lianorm. Nice Job!

Review: Kadrette’s Favorite Fishing Hole
Kadrette has been so gracious to share with us one of his quiet fishing locations. One of my favorite planets, Endor, is usually filled with abundant wildlife, lush forestry and gorgeous green scenery. But on this occasion, I had to grab my survival and mountain gear, because we were heading north. About 2700 meters north of the Smugglers Outpost lay a mountain range unlike any other. The elevation is high, the air is thin and the wildlife scarce. Even the trees do not bare any leaves in this area. Yet, nestled into this mountainous region are several little “Craters of Puddles” if you would, scattered about. These little “Craters of Puddles” have some great attributes.

1) They sit low, allowing the cooler mountain wind to blow over you while you enjoy your hobby. This also takes you out of the “Line-of-Sight” for any wild animals in the area. Any animal scanning the landscape for possible prey will not see you.
2) The areas are small, allowing you to not to cast too far. This keeps you fishing at a close proximity and reel in your catches quickly.
3) The area is quiet and secluded. Really a great place to collect your thoughts.

As of present, the Fish Density is at a level 4, with a Vegetation of 1. Check this place out for yourself, located at waypoint -627  4303. Good Luck!

Azira interviews a new citizen: Iloc Tarrax

*Let me begin by welcoming you and the rest of the Tarrax family to Lianorm! My first question is quite obvious: how did you come to live in Lianorm?
Thank you! My previous guild, AHC, recently dissolved and my joining up with my long time friends in NEI made a move from one Nabooian city to another the natural thing to do.

*Please tell us a little about yourself so existing residents can get to know you a little better. Do you have any hobbies and interests? What do you do for a living etc?
I’m a divorced father of two great kids and approaching the big Four-Oh. Currently I work as a mechanical design engineer consultant at Volvo Cars while secretly harboring an old dream to be a helicopter pilot. My other hobbies besides SWG is photography and (geek alert) Warhammer 40k.

*What do you think of the town and its residents so far? Are they friendly?
Lianorm has been around for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been around for about as long as Lianorm has. Back in the days it was “that town with the Dutch people that insisted on doing everything before we did” (our city of Mos Mosel was pretty laid back in the accomplishment department). As far as the citizens go, many are people I consider close friends for years now, even if some of them have moved on. I look forward to getting to know the rest of you better!

*Do you enjoy living on Naboo? Or would you ideally like to make your home on another planet?
Naboo and Rori has been my home since I was part of starting Soul back in the days. I’ve lived on the beaches north of Theed, on secluded islands past the swamps in the southern ocean, among the rolling hills of Rori and in the great plains west of Moenia. I can’t see myself ever living outside the Naboo sector again.

*I understand that you’re an elder in the Galactic Community. Do you still enjoy your role on Eclipse? Any tips for other veterans?
The key for me has been diversity, and my interests will keep cycling I’m sure. For a few months I might do nothing but PVP, then I’ll head into space like I never did anything else. Other times I’ll focus on my badge collection (around 320 and growing), or take a chance at role playing or just hanging out in a cantina. Some might think I’m fickle, but I like to think I just need to enjoy all aspects of the game. I even go on crafting sprees once in a while!

*Do you have any comments about the current Galactic Civil War that’s ravaging the galaxy?
War… hmm… the war seems mostly fought in galaxy chat lately. I come from years of playing WWIIOnline, and there will never be a PVP experience for me like I had in those days. The GCW in SWG is not and never was about winning the war, but merely personal boasting rights I’m afraid. Still… I do partake and enjoy it from time to time.

*Many galactic spectators were sad to see many of your old associates disappear. It must have been a disappointing time for you. Do you miss the old days? What are your plans for the coming period?
I miss the old friends, of course, but I’ve made many new ones since. My hardest transition, as it was for many, was after the NGE hit and almost everyone I knew disappeared except Soledad. Soul vanished, all but me, and it was months (years?) before I found a temporary home in -SOL- and then moved on to AHC. I now have friends in multiple guilds and cities and don’t think I’ll ever be alone again unless there is a new server wiping effect like the NGE was. I’m here to stay.

*What do you think of your new associates in the NEI business?
NEI to me has always represented the will to excel without being elitist. This, more than anything has drawn me to NEI and is what’s had me rub elbows enough with you guys to become good friends.

*Finally, is there anything you would like to say to our readers?
I can be cranky and moody at times, but I like you guys. Don’t forget that. If I can ever help out with anything I’ll do my best to be there for you.

*Iloc, thank you for this interview. It is a pleasure to have you as a new neighbour and I hope you will enjoy living in Lianorm for a long time to come!
Thank you!

—–End of edition—–
Copyright: Azira – Lianorm, Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy
Lianorm Telegraph archive: http://bit.ly/lia_telegraph
Join the Lianorm City Chat in-game: /chatroom join swg.eclipse.lia


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