A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Fishing Leaderboard Results 2011: Week 13

Dear Citizens

I’m proud to see that everyone banded together in the face of the new anti-afk fishing changes to make sure that Lianorm remained in the top three this week. We even did so well as to claim the top spot once again. Congratulations are in order for all!

As many of you are now aware, it is no longer possible to AFK your fishing. The changes mean that when you catch a fish you must radial the bobber. It’s not possible to /target the bobber so it’s not possible to create a macro that does this for you. This makes fishing more realistic, but doesn’t make it any more immersive!

I assume this means that the only people who will be fishing now are those who enjoy it or who have something to gain by it. I know we have a few people who like to fish on occasion, and Lianorm certainly has something to gain from it. Myself I plan to spend at least an hour each week fishing so that Lianorm can keep the Travel Point we’ve all become so fond of using. 🙂

I ask you also to look at what you can contribute to our mutual cause. I’m not saying you need to fish for an hour, but if you can contribute at all, it would be very much appreciated by everyone in Lianorm who uses the travel point.

If you’re in need of advice for a good fishing location, I recommend you contact our resident fishing expert, Hurst Quayzar.

Thank you all for reading!

Best wishes,

Mayor Alyxa

> Congratulations.
> City Lianorm has won the fishing leaderboard for the weekly period ending Thu Mar 31 12:00:00 2011 PDT.
> 1. Lianorm, 17.57285m
> 2. ‘Storm Haven’, 16.235981m
> 3. Banir, 15.217471m


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