A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Lianorm Telegraph #61 @03-04-2011

Lianormers show their support for aid efforts in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

30-03-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – News has filtered through to our galaxy about a terrible crisis afflicting people on a planet in a very distant galaxy! An earthquake and tsunami has caused terrible damage to a nation state known as Japan and it has lead to the death and displacement of many thousands of people. A threat still lingers from a damaged nuclear power plant in vicinity and aid is pouring in from across their world to help the stricken people. The “Powers that Be” in control of our galaxy have offered galactic citizens a way for us to lend help from afar. If you purchase a Stuffed Taun Taun toy for $5 the Powers will send $10 to the relief efforts in Japan. The toy will also grant you the “Compassionate Soul” title. Mayor Alyxa has purchased a toy and has it proudly on display in the City Hall as a symbol of Lianorm’s support for the cause. Oachi Crais, Elusia and myself are also proud owners of a cute little taun taun toy. Lianormers, wear your title with pride!

Technical difficulties. Sabotage suspected.

23-03-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – Lots of swearing and cursing could be heard from the Western shores of Lianorm when it was discovered that Arkisha’s house computer had gone haywire and has erected a force field around her bed, trapping her in it! The cause of the problem appears innocent enough although some casual observers suspect that sabotage — caused by certain parties to whom Arki has denied access to her legendary boobage — was involved. Arki made an emergency call to Dr Iak who was quickly on the scene, but his diagnosis was grim. “The circuitry is completely blown. I have no idea how _that_ kind of fluid got in there,” he said, scratching his head. “We’re going to have to replace the unit entirely.” It is hoped that Dr Iak can get his hands on replacement parts soon. Meanwhile, spare a thought for poor Arki who is laid out flat on her back in her bed, completely unable to get up and join the fun.

Alyxa says “Do you know…”
– That someone tried to run Bengel over with an AV-21 last week?
– That Bengel almost drowned while we were out fishing this week and that Hurst didn’t care?
– That Staright’s pet, Otterpop, even more pissed off now that she’s not a BM?
– That Mandalorian helmets are not waterproof?
– That -Wolf is not a natural blond?
– That the Acklay has got smaller?!
– That a kittle is for life, not just for breakfast?

And it brings Lianorm’s Weirdest Hairdo’s ever!

24-03-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – The recent update to the Entertainer profession has granted a new batch of hairstyles which has been sparking galactic trends. Many citizens are relieved about having more choice at the Image Designer’s salon, although there have been many comments about the “outlandish” and “crazy” new styles available. Resident entertainer, Xiramia, stated that she had been inundated with calls for the new styles. “I don’t mind cutting people’s hair,” she said, “But the truth is I’m really not very good at it! You’re more likely to end up bald.”

Closer to home, -Wolf and Iaklub turned up in town sporting their daring new haircuts recently. -Wolf wore his ‘do his usual blond colour, but Iaklub had outdone him with a shocking pink coiffure! It was the general consensus of passers by that the two looked like a pair of trouble-making thugs. One witness said, “Well at least now they look the part.” -Wolf and Iaklub have purportedly been trying to convince others to get the new hair-do and join their gang, but so far without success.

ECHO gains a member, but the Mayor has a warning

29-03-2011@Lianorm – by Alyxa – NEI is still very much the #1 guild in Lianorm despite the leader’s recent April Fool(!), but the representation of minority guilds is continuing to grow. Members of the old guilds, WaTON and SYNRG still reside in town but in very small numbers. More recently however, Echo Base has welcomed more Lianorm residents into its fold, with our own Azira being the most recent addition. She has taken the role a role as a field medic in their ranks. Osalot and Shorit are also members. Sadly this is a time of war, and ECHO is openly affiliated with the Rebel Alliance. As such, those members living in Lianorm are not guaranteed safety within the city limits from Imperial Bounty Hunters! The governing body of Lianorm is unable to interfere lest we jeopardise our status as a neutral city. My advice therefore is: be on your guards!

This week, -Wolf reveals more Smuggler secrets about crowd control and how to “pop your load” the right way!

Smugglers have always had a lot of crowd control maneuvers. Solo, these abilities allow you to run away from almost everything to face it on your terms. In a group, these tricks can — and should — be used to set enemies up for mass DPS, or act as a brake on a rushing horde. Expertise choices aside, you have three snares and, with the right expertise, up to an extra two roots and a full on mezz attack!


  1. The basic single target snare is Concussion shot. It has a good damage/action ratio and can be fired often. It also turns into a deadly, even more spammable move with the Rogue heroic jewellery set; the snare cannot be broken by any counter specials. Sadly though, some elite NPCs cannot be snared no matter what though.
  2. Cover fire is the AOE version of Concussion shot. It has its own additional range on top of the pistol/expertise range cap on it and so can be used to nail a long distance group of enemies no matter what. This is the best special to use coupled with Off the Cuff/End of the Line, with or without Nerf Herder for mass damage and rootage!
  3. The last base snare ability is Dirty Trick. This is a dropped AOE repeating a few times till it stops. Each ‘tick’ of the attack will snare/damage so it’s great to drop it while ‘on the run’ to halt whatever chasing you. Also useful to drop in a crowded room simply as another semi DOT effect special where enemys must face every hit from it.

    Melee also has it’s version of the first two, Dizzy and Pin Down respectively, but of course, they are limited by melee’s short range. Pin Down will affect even people behind you though. Good if you’re surrounded!

Expertise can add up to 3 more specials!

  1. Nerf Herder is a full blown root ability, but it cannot be used alone. It will trigger a critical hit from another special attack, most reliably when used with Off the Cuff with increased damage with End of the Line). This is great because you can nail your enemy with two types of special at once! It links well with the bleed DoT attack, but the AOE attacks go very well for pure damage and mass effect if the situation presents itself. Don’t draw yourself more aggro than you can handle though … the root won’t last forever!
  2. Next is False Hope. It not only roots whoever it hits, but also takes down their defensive rolls. You can pound on the damage while they’re stuck out in the open and defenceless! It can be sometimes tricky score a hit though: it’s a grenade-type special. The time between you throwing it and it landing is more than enough for even an NPC to move out the way should it do so. As with other grenade-type specials, it has a small AOE radius and is quite useful in crowded rooms!
  3. Lastly we have Pistol Whip: the ultimate mezz attack. It is the most argued for and against by the users and the haters alike… More about this ability below.

    Pistol Whip is not worth picking up unless you pick up its associated side boxes too. Do this and score a hit on someone and those points really show their worth. This ability only has a short range (5m) but it will completely immobilise a target, take down their defences and prevent them using any special attack (even heals). It lasts only a few seconds, but sometimes that’s enough to completely slaughter an enemy without them even firing back.
    When an enemy is hit with Pistol Whip they show a small halo of stars round their head which is a signal to one and all to pile on the DPS. The only downside is you have to be right next to them (risky for you) and its a single target move. If the enemy has friends, stick it on the most deadly of them and use something else to get away or change the tide of combat in your favour. Due to an enemy’s defensive rolls you will find that Whip will not always stick and can be frustrating when it fails to. But the power it gives when it does work has always made up for the occasional miss in my book and I wouldn’t be without it, especially in PvP.

Know your specials, know how they work and how they can work for you. It’s the key to underworld fame and success!

Happy smuggling for now … more next week!

POSITIONS VACANT: Got a vendor? Consider placing it in the Lianorm Mall! The Mall is a stone’s throw from the shuttleport which makes it an ideal selling spot. We’re looking for traders who can provide quality goods such as weapons, furniture, housing, vehicles, power bits, and possibly even BM pets and supplies! Sound like your business? Contact Bialar, -Wolf or Alyxa for access to place your vendor.

WANTED: A skilled structures trader is required for a custom job! Azira needs a printing press (or at least something that looks like a printing press!) in the offices of the Lianorm Telegraph. You will be well rewarded for your time. Please contact her if you’re interested in the job.

If you have a problem, send a mail to Dr. Iaklub. He has the solution!

Dear Dr Iak
I am in love with a female Wookiee Commando, and I think she loves me too. But whenever I go around to her house profess my adoration she runs at me with a flamethrower and sets her pet Narglatch on me! This makes it very difficult to give hugs and kisses. Dr Iak, please tell me how I can get near my beloved without sustaining bites and first degree burns!
– A lovesick Bothan

Dear Lovesick Bothan
While it is OK to love our friends despite their anatomical differences, it is not OK to _LOVE_ them. Also, Wookiee females prefer their mates to be big and strong. So even if you were of the same species then she would still treat you like an ingredient in a Korean BBQ as you are small and runty. Continually going around and trying it on with her is only going to enrage the situation more and end up with you as her dinner.

The only advice I can give to you is to find a mate the same species who is not a Durni Boiler and hope that it works out.

04-04-2011@Lianorm – by Hurst – Residents of Lianorm, I bow to you. Since the return from my short absence, I have seen and heard many great things about how you, the residents, pulled together to maintain our top spots in the fishing community thus keeping our highly prized city travel way-point. My apologies for such an abrupt disappearance, however I needed to travel across the Galaxy to visit my father. Then, once I returned, I was recruited for a special project at my present employment, supervising a power station unit overhaul and power converter replacement. No matter what the circumstance, I wish to express my extreme gratitude for the city effort.
    Now as for the fish, well, they seem to have gotten a bit smarter. I have noticed that I need to go after them after they have been hooked and fought with to reel in. Gone are the days where the fish came to you. Now you must target the bobber to scoop and retrieve your catch.
    Even with the intelligent fish we have now, Lianorm was able to pull off the 1st Place spot this week and 3rd the week before. Congrats to Iloc, pulling off a 3rd place finish in the individual Leader Boards two weeks ago and a 6th Place finish this past week. Iv’va also needs the big congrats for placing 5th on the Leader Boards. Alyxa and I also contributed to getting Lianorm into the top spot this week. Keep up the good work. You are all awesome and we as Lianorm, appreciate your support.
    As this week starts out, I see Iv’va taking on a massive lead on the leaderboards and Lianorm is off and running in first place once again.

—–End of edition—–
Copyright: Azira – Lianorm, Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy
Lianorm Telegraph archive: http://bit.ly/lia_telegraph
Join the Lianorm City Chat in-game: /chatroom join swg.eclipse.lia


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