A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

City Travel Point Update

Dear Citizens

Good news: we still have four city travel points at Lianorm’s disposal! At first it was unclear as to how we managed to obtain the three extra points beyond the one we usually win from the fishing leaderboard, but after a little digging the mystery has been solved. More will be revealed regarding this in the upcoming Lianorm Telegraph, but let me just give you a hint: it is, once again, to do with fishing.

As we still have an unused travel point going spare, I have set this one up to send you to Coronet. This will ease access to the Village transport NPC for anyone who wants to go there to buy jewellery, go to Hoth etc.

The idea is, however, that this last travel point will remain unfixed. That is, if there is a greater need for it to be placed elsewhere the waypoint can be changed very quickly and easily. Militia members are now able to add new city waypoints and assign them as travel points, so please contact one of them if you wish to have it changed.

Current militia members are: -Wolf, Alyxa, Anish, Azira, Iv’va, Osalot and Xiola.

Best wishes,

Mayor Alyxa


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