A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Lianorm Telegraph #62 @17-04-2011

Check the seals on your helmets, it’s the time of year when mosquitoes swarm

13-04-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – The one disadvantage of living near a large body of water such as Lianorm Lake is that the still waters can become an ideal breeding ground for Nabooian mosquitoes. After a particularly mild winter, the insects have begun to emerge once again. Citizens living on the coastline of the lake are advised to keep their windows tightly closed to keep them out. The type of mosquito native to Lianorm does not bite, instead it makes a very loud buzz, especially at night time when everyone is trying to sleep. This lack of sleep leads to a lot of frayed nerves and bad tempers and the chance of house fires are increased as citizens resort to ever desperate measures to catch and destroy the beasts. Getting one in your helmet is particularly dangerous as in such a confined space the buzzing can lead to deafness.

Citizens to be honoured

12-04-2011@Lianorm – by Alyxa – Recently we were surprised to discover that Lianorm now has access to four travel points. At first we did not know how this happened. It was suspected that it was a byproduct of attempts of certain smugglers to slice the City Hall terminal. However, the real reason for the increase emerged after much digging revealed that recent changes allowed extra travel points to be won. These changes mean that whoever holds the record for the largest fish of a particular type in the galaxy wins a travel point! There are seven total potential points to be won in this manner, and thanks to the dedicated effort of two particular citizens, Lianorm now has access to three of these seven points because they hold the record on the following fish:

1. Hurst Quayzar holds the record for the longest Blackfish, at 1.344161m.
2. Iv’va Problem holds the record for the longest Blowfish, at 0.50257m.
3. Hurst Quayzar holds the record for the longest Bluefish, at 0.930285m.

As a thank you for their outstanding contributions to Lianorm’s fishing reputation, both Hurst and Iv’va are to be permanently honoured by statue in the City Hall. Keep up the good work!

Alyxa says “Do you know…”
– That Hurst is known in some circles as “Hurst the Horrible”?
– That Iv’va occasionally impales himself on his fishing rod?
– That Tauvo likes to steal the canes away from old ladies?
– That Bioge likes to sing opera in his bathroom on the western shores of Lianorm?
– That opera makes vir vurs horny?
– That the current vir vur population of Naboo is 2,391 and rapidly rising?

He will be missed

10-04-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – You have probably heard the news of our resident Problem Solver’s departure for space adventures in a distant galaxy. What should be noted, however, was his achievements during his short but prosperous stay in Lianorm.
    Iaklub made a lasting impression on Lianorm, not only with the sound of his A-Wing blasting off into space, but also with his positive contributions to the town’s reputation and its citizens. As organiser of weekly Deep Space PvP events, Iaklub maintained a tough-as nails, no nonsense approach to the Galactic Civil War. But he also showed us his helpful and compassionate side with his duties as Dr Iak in his Telegraph column, in which he dealt out advice in an attempt to help many citizens with their tricky and sometimes embarrassing problems. He also gave regular pilot trainings to anyone who needed it, including our own Mayor Alyxa.
    It is our duty to thank him and wish him well on his new adventures, for he will be leaving a large gap in our community which will be difficult to fill. We can only hope that he will one day grace our streets with his good humour and spirit again.

-Wolf FreeLoader’s column examines an aspect of combat, defence or the gaming system in each issue. This time he talks about smugglers, armour and how to dress for success – underworld style!

    Smugglers are lucky in that they have a very effective armour bolster within their expertise. These are the Hidden Padding and Lined Pockets boxes. With all the boxes, you can wear NO additional armour and have 6k to all stats (6.6k with full underworld mission bonus). Wearing armour only adds to this, but at a cost: you only benefit from half the bonus you’d receive. Say you had no underworld bonus and a flat 6k innate armour rating then putting on a regular set of battle armour (6k rating) would get you only 9k actual armour stats. Still, few professions can get that much without buffing and it helps leave entertainer buff points free to use in other places!
    The last extra bonus is the elemental stat boost. With the expertise and a good suit of armour, you can easily get 9K+ on the special resists and these help a fair bit against DOTs and other nasty forms of damage, such as in instances. This is part of the ‘hidden greatness’ all smugglers should have.
    So what should you wear with these great expertise options? Simplicity would suggest putting on primus layered battle armour for a nice easy 9.3k to energy/kinetic resists. However, a lot of ‘in your face’ action comes in the way of kinetic damage so mixing in some assault pieces (say around half the suit) helps sway the balance to around 10k kinetic and 8.5k energy. A PSG on top of this helps balance out the deficit as most ranged projectiles are energy based in PvE. In PvP many people use ranged kinetic weapons anyway: something you’re already stacking for! You can go extreme and wear a full primus assault suit for PvP and with a PSG for PvE you’ll still do more than fine. With the ability to look how you want with the appearance tab, wearing any combination of armour to tailor the resists is quite acceptable (style over substance of course!). Play around and see what works best for you.

What to put ‘in’ the suit: SEAs
    Stacking constitution or stamina is an empty pursuit: you’ll run out of health and action eventually and putting in some other mods will more than help delay the incap/death than those two will. Smuggler specials are quite action consuming, but since stamina recharges at a fixed rate, having a longer green bar only helps initial spike damage, which is easily outweighed by teaming up with a good General’s aspect officer in both PvE and especially PvP situations. If one isn’t around, learn to control your special spamming; you can still lay down some impressive DPS without an officer and easily out damage other professions.
    So what SEAs to choose? I personally run Luck, Agility and Precision.

– Agility affects Dodge, Parry and Evasion Chance;
– Precision affects Parry, Block Chance, Critical Hit Chance and Strikethrough Chance;
– Luck affects Dodge Chance, Evasion Chance, Evasion Value, Critical Hit Chance;
– Strikethrough Chance and Strikethrough Value. Luck also increases the chance of Lucky events.

    This provides a good mix of offence and defence without relying on simply ‘having more’ of your red or green bar.
    Melee smugglers should still perhaps consider stacking precision instead of strength, unless they want to go down the Block suit route. You’d be missing out on a Strikethrough bonus and gaining a block value and a small damage bonus. Melee smuggler already has bags of damage though!
    As a last note on Luck, you should easily be hitting upwards of 1k by having it in your suit mods as well as on your heroic jewelry sets. As mentioned above, Luck is the only stat to affect the _value_ of evasion and Strikethrough. At 1000+ you’ll be getting 100% of the benefit from these two combat rolls, giving you a massive damage bonus on Strikethroughs and a huge defensive saving vs AoE attacks when you evade successfully. Another part of that ‘hidden magic’ only a smuggler can know.

Next time: stances, specials and some ideas on dressing well.

****Classified Ads****
ANNOUNCEMENT: Xiramia is proud to announce the recent hatching of her new baby Kima. The pet is of undistinguished in gender but it is hoped this will be revealed as the it grows. Anyone wishing to pay their respects to Kima can find Xiramia regularly dancing in Forghyl’s buff house on Dantooine. Visitors should exercise caution however, as Kima can bite very hard.

POSITIONS VACANT:The Telegraph is looking for Freelance reporters! If you have an article, short story, poem, or piece of news that you would like to share with your fellow citizens, feel free to mail your submission to Azira before any Sunday.

SPECIAL OFFER: Sylphy has a vendor set up at /way -475 788 selling convoys harvested from looted DIs. They’re priced at 100k per difficulty, so a level 3 convoy would be 300k. Also available are interdiction beacons. Stock will be added regularly. A space collection vendor is available if anyone needs to finish any of those – 10k per piece.

THANKS: Alyxa wishes to extend heartfelt thanks to all who joined her on multiple Droid Army runs over the last weeks in an attempt to loot the warmly glowing metallic eye. The eye finally dropped last Wednesday, April 13 after approximately 10 runs. Thank you all!

16-04-2011@Lianorm – by Hurst – Sunburnt and disappointed. This is how I would describe my fishing trip to Tatooine recently. Even though my spot was a stellar 5-Star prime location, I still couldn’t catch anything bigger than a .54m. And that was a Blackfish! But, Lianorm has not disappointed at all. Two weeks ago, scoring a 1st place finish with Iv’va leading the pack coming in 2nd on the individual leaderboards. Even I failed to beat him as I came in 3rd. Last week, we still scored big but we were edged out by, whom else? ‘Storm Haven’. I didn’t catch the list the week before, however Azira, Alyxa, Elusia, Iloc, and Iv’va contributed significantly last week. Azira led our city, landing a 1.02m Blackfish. Two thumbs up!
    Now, I know what you are thinking. ‘Storm Haven’ must be a better city. What!? Are you kidding me? Snap out of your nerf herding funk. Lianorm as a whole is way better than this city. How is this possible you ask? Well, historically, both cities have placed in the top 3, 26 times. Now breaking this down even further, yes ‘Storm Haven’ has scored 13 to our 10, 1st place wins, but we have beat them 14 to 5 in 2nd place wins. They have had 8 3rd place finishes to our measly 2.
    What does all this mean? Consistency people, consistency. We have beat everyone out there consistently over the past 26 weeks and we continue to work together and strive for the top. And I have to say, that I am proud to be with such a great group of neighbors and fishing companions. You all keep me fishing and foraging for more ways to get better.
    Now, after a short stop in the Mos Eisley Cantina and after watching Oo’tini dance a bit, I think I need to visit the cold, raining planet of Dathomir.

Azira interviews a new citizen: Buxom

*Let me begin by welcoming you to Lianorm! Please tell us a little about yourself so existing residents can get to know you a little better.
I’ve been playing SWG on and off since right after the CU switch. I started online gaming with MUD’s WotMUD, which I believe is still going strong, and then I left that one to help build one my wife was creating, mirrorsmud, which she has handed off, but was still running last I checked.

*What do you think of the town and its residents so far? Are they friendly?
I honestly haven’t met many, but the ones I meet are friendly.

*Do you enjoy living on Naboo? Or would you ideally like to make your home on another planet?
Naboo has been my home planet pretty much my whole time playing, though I’ve generally sought out quiet valleys in the midst of the mountains. Beautiful views, plenty of places to harvest. Everything I could want from a planet.

*Do you have any plans for the future? What professions would you like to try out? What are your expectations of the game?
I play this one mainly as an arcade shooter. I’ve got EQ2 as my main “grouping” ground game, so I pretty much stick to space. I do the harvesting and shipwrighting to support that.

*What are your favourite in-game hobbies and activities?
RE’ing parts to make my ships just a wee bit better.

*Do you have any comments about the current Galactic Civil War that’s ravaging the galaxy?
Yeah. It’s pointless. Death is meaningless, victory has no prize, and defeat has no sting.

*What do you think of your new associates in NEI? Does the guild suit you?
Haven’t been here long enough to really say. I’ve got some old friends from AHC here, and the others I’ve met seem alright.

*Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to our readers?
I do enjoy RP from time to time. The links won’t work direct but I have some old chat logs to give you some idea of my styles.

*Buxom, thank you for this interview. It is a pleasure to have you as a new neighbour and I hope you will enjoy living in Lianorm for a long time to come!

—–End of edition—–
Copyright: Azira – Lianorm, Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy
Lianorm Telegraph archive: http://bit.ly/lia_telegraph
Join the Lianorm City Chat in-game: /chatroom join swg.eclipse.lia


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