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Lianorm Telegraph #64 @29-05-2011

Huge party marks the return of Eclipse, Mayor to judge fancy dress

29-05-2011@Lok – by Azira – Galactic residents have been gradually returning to their homes after the recent security scare which led to a two-week forced evacuation. To celebrate this and the wonderful Eclipse community, server matriarch OddWan has organised an event that promises to be the bash of the year!
    The event will start off with a bang this evening at 19:00 (UK time) on Lok, boasting an impressive fireworks-laden lineup, with entertainment from musicians and dancers from across the galaxy, auctions, a fancy dress parade, player-vs-player contest and — not forgetting Lianorm’s forté — a fishing competition!
     Mayor Alxya has been invited to act as a judge at a fancy dress competition, so be sure to have your costumes at the ready! It is hoped that Lianorm residents will make a good showing at the festivities to show their support for the Eclipse community and have some fun!
    Welcome home, everyone!

Azira’s hospital is now fully functional

24-05-2011@Lianorm – by Elusia – After several weeks of fervent decorating, the Lianorm Infirmary opened its doors to the sick, injured and mentally ill citizens of the city.
    “On the first day we treated two nose bleeds, a bout of Mon Calamari scale fungus and a case of food poisoning,” said Dr Azira, the manager and Chief Medical Officer. “It’s a good thing that the Infirmary is just across the road from the diner,” she chuckled. “I certainly have my work cut out for me. I may have to take on more staff.”
    The Infirmary’s first emergency came after Mistress Anish broke a nail while at work in her basement. The injury required immediate surgery. The outcome of the operation was reported as successful and Anish went back to her dungeo… er, home… looking satisfied with the white bandage wrapped tightly around her finger.
    The General Clinic is available by appointment only five days per week. For emergencies outside these hours Azira is on-call. Non-urgent house calls are subject to a modest fee.

Osalot says “Do you know…”
– Many Ewoks use a herbal shampoo for their fur made from the natural plant life of Endor?
– Many Bothans died to bring me a sample of it?
– That Wolf resists using it, in case his hair curls up?
– The peaceful Ewoks on Endor have visible genitalia?
– That they are (apparently!) all female?

Bantha Burger Best in the Galaxy!

23-05-2011@Tralus – by Bioge – At the annual Empire Food Competition held every May (this year in Tralus), Lianorm’s Diner won 1st place in Bantha Burgers, beating out Moenia’s Moxy Burgers, the Theed Troth, and fifteen other Naboo cities. “They were so good, I could eat a whole plate of ‘m” said Judge Blubba the Hutt, who actually did eat a whole plate of them. “That’s one hell of a Bantha Burger, I needed three napkins for that one,” said Lando Calrissian, sporting a gold fez with a small Peko feather. Another judge agreed it was a good burger, but was also mad that the burger juice clogged up his helmet motor.
    Mayor Alyxa mobilized Lianorm’s militia in response to the victory, expecting many more visitors than usual and to be ready in the event any third parties attempt to discover the Diner’s secret recipe or even tries to kidnap any of the diner’s personnel.
    In the next weeks, we will look at the Lianorm Diner’s other culinary delights and interview many of its colorful clientele.

Culprit found and punished accordingly

27-05-2011@Dantooine – by Azira – Lianorm Resident and off-world medic Forghyl was found dead today after being gunned down inside his own Dantooine clinic! He was reported missing from his post late in the afternoon. Concerned, Mayor Alyxa sent out a search party. After automatically cloning, Forghyl was dazed and confused, and somehow wandered to his previous residence of Danevang on the southern shores of Naboo, and started buffing away happily at himself. This is where Alyxa found him.
    When Forghyl came to his senses, an investigation was launched as to who could have possibly committed the terrible crime. Irrefutable evidence and Forghyl’s supporting statement led investigators to the culprit, who was none other than a member the same guild as Forghyl, NEI. The assassin was Fyrefly, a Bounty Hunter who cashed in Forghyl’s head for a mere 10k!
    This unacceptable action sent a wave of outrage throughout the ranks of NEI and the accused was summarily judged and sentenced to exile from the guild, giving them no possibility of a repeat offence!
    Forghyl, having diligently returned to his medical enhancement duties on Dantooine, was too busy to comment on the whole thing, but seems none the worse for wear. Fyrefly appears to have gone into hiding and hasn’t been seen since the incident. However, -Wolf, the NEI Officer who executed Fyre’s sentence had these words, “[Killing a buffbot] was a very NEI thing to do… but not to NEI!”

This week, due to popular demand, -Wolf talks more about Smuggler specials.

In Telegraph #61 we covered crowd control specials, but this time I will cover the more rudimentary specials available to the average smuggy.

  1. Fast Draw/Precision Strike – A basic +damage hit. Damage-to-action usage is fairly poor and it’s not something I spam a lot unless I have an officer with me. Much better to save the green for something else.
  2. Fan Shot/Brawler Swipe – AOE +damage. Direction facing cone for ranged, full circle for melee. Good damage-to-action usage, but action cost is a little high. Use it when you can, but be careful about upsetting too many enemies at once!
  3. Bleed/Crush – Bleeding DOT. Good damage on the 1st hit and a decent DOT ratio. High action cost means it’s not something to use unless you need to. I use the Mark 3 version over Mark 4 as the reduction in action cost is great and the damage/DOT doesn’t suffer much.
  4. Camouflage Ally – Not technically a combat special, this is the key to some situations where a group may wipe. It’s an aggro breaker/cloak for 1 team member other than yourself. If you see the medic going down, hide them. It can also be used to clear their aggro for an out-of-combat area rez even in situations where aggro is constant and usually unbreakable, such as in instances. Learning to use this will make you very popular in groups and give you that Underworld reputation!
  5. Call A Favor – 1 and 2 (from expertise) are basically the same thing, with the 2 giving you a medic who can area heal you instead of merely a combat npc. Sounds good right? The problem can be aggro retention, especially in the case of the medic NPC. If you incap, sometimes it’s for the best. It clears aggro and allows you to hide in a corner and heal up, rethink your tactics. The NPCs, however, will retain aggro on you/them until they die. You get up from the incap and are immediately plunged into combat again. Risky. The medic makes this worse by area healing you back up from the incap almost immediately, putting you right back in the thick of things. At least the standard NPC often dies before you get back up. Clear your aggro! I never use these and consider the medic a complete waste of a point for PvE, and in PvP it’s very ‘last hope’. Use at your own risk!

VENDORS: Synergy Industries, operated by Alyxa, is now in business in the Lianorm Mall. On offer you can find reasonably priced crates of camps and a selection of furniture in all colours! *small print* Also available for a limited time is a small selection of specialised goods designed to be ingested for “medicinal purposes”. Negotiations welcome. /wink

Hair causes mechanical failure, CCTV cameras reveal the culprit

20-05-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – Strange gurgling sounds heard coming from the Lianorm Hot Tub were recently reported to its owner, Bialar Crais. At first he assumed that -Wolf had once again damaged something during one of his regular private pool sessions. However, a close inspection of the pumping mechanism — which keeps the water free of debris — revealed that the filters were catching more than the usual fluff that comes with having many of the bothan residents who frequent the baths. This time it was jam packed with huge grey and red hairs!
    After removing most of the disgusting clod, Bialar set up a CCTV camera to try to figure out what was going on. “There is so much hair stuck in there now that I will have to replace the entire unit at considerable cost.” reported Bialar, who is extremely put out about the whole ordeal. “But thanks to the camera, I now know who to forward the bill to!” Bialar released this CCTV image:

Vir vur in a bathtub

The beast in question is none other than Bengel, the vir vur owned by our own Mayor Alyxa! Other images also revealed that she bathed her other pets, including her rancor, in the pool jacuzzi. When approached for commentary, the Mayor shrugged and said, “Pets get dirty too. I don’t know what all the fuss is about”, as she eyed the city treasury balance.
    Bialar hinted that the secret camera also caught more interesting images of Lianorm’s residents frolicking in the now hair-free waters, but declined to comment further. “Oh don’t worry,” he said with a glint in his eye, “The cameras have been taken down now.”

29-05-2011@Lianorm – by Hurst – The competition on the leaderboards this past week was nothing short of exciting! Lianorm made it into 1st place position at least four times, aggressively battling for position with our northern competitor ‘Storm Haven’. Even though it was a great fight, Lianorm fell short but were able to take 2nd place.. Iv’va landed 9th place on the Individual Leaderboards with myself tumbling to 3rd. Xiramia, Arkisha, Iloc, Alyxa and new-comer Balthus’Dire, also made great contributions to keep Lianorm ahead of all the other Bantha Fodder.
    But on to other news. New synthetic bait as hit our waterways and lakes. Yes, our very own Alyxa has been busy creating this new bait for the people of Lianorm. This resource intense artificial bait boasts the ability to catch more fish than junk, rare or planetary special fish. And this fisherman seems to agree. Others around Lianorm had other comments. Iloc was quoted as saying, “Synthetic bait roxxors my soxxors!” and our usually mellow Iv’va said, “It’s great!” which, if you know Iv’va, you’ll know that this is quite an emotional response. After using this bait, I have found that it does have a great lasting ability. Along with the synthetic bait, you now have the ability to discard that soggy, nasty bait and keep fresh bait on your hook at all times.
    Where can YOU get this fantastic bait? Well my friends, Alyxa has set up the Bait & Tackle Exchange. Inside of Lianorm’s Storage Large Nubian House is a backpack full of this amazing bait. All that is asked, is that you fillet your fish and bring the meat back with you. She needs all the Fish Meat and Chum Bait she can get to manufacture more.
    Wanna try this bait out for yourself? Well, keep your eye on the City Waypoint Data Pad for the latest in 5-Star Fishing points all over the Galaxy and give the fish a reason to bite!
    Some last minute fishing news just in: Balthus’dire has smashed the Naboo blowfish and the galactic record with a .539m catch, taking over the record from Iv’va! Congratulations to Balthus and commiserations to Iv’va, whose record blowfish 0.50257m secured a travel point for Lianorm for many months. At least the travel point still belongs to Lianorm. A big pat on the back is deserved by both fishermen!

Azira interviews a new citizen: Cue

*Let me begin by welcoming you to Lianorm! My first question is quite obvious: how did you come to live here?
My good friend Kadreau got me into NET and suggested I might want to put a house in Lianorm.

*Please tell us a little about yourself so existing residents can get to know you a little better.
This toon is a cl90 jedi, my favorite prof. I also have a medic that I’ve been working on, currently cl70, that I hope to have to 90 before double xp ends. I have an entertainer that doesn’t really go anywhere and a combat ent that is specced for making pets. I hope to start making critters in a couple of weeks, a friend is transferring a toon over here and will be carrying a care package with all the equipment we’ll need for that endeavor. I have toons on a couple of other servers and try to play on all of them a few times a week. In RL, I’m a 51 yr old mom of 2 and expecting my first grandchild in July and I live in Colorado.

*What do you think of the town and its residents so far? Are they friendly? Heard any interesting gossip? 🙂
So far everyone I have met here has been friendly and helpful and totally cool. I don’t have any good gossip though 😛

*Do you enjoy living on Naboo? Or would you ideally like to make your home on another planet?
I do like Naboo, but my first love is Rori. I always keep a small house near the Rebel Outpost there.

*Do you have any plans for the future? What professions would you like to try out? What are your expectations of the game?
As stated previously, I have a medic I’m leveling at the moment. I still have open slots on all of my accounts and might roll an officer or mando in the future, maybe both. My main goal in this game has always been to have fun. 🙂

*What are your favourite in-game hobbies and activities?
I enjoy running instances and doing the a lot of the quest content in game. I’ve pvp’d some, but it’s never been my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy space, but I get wrapped up in other stuff sometimes and neglect to level up there. One of my favorite things in this game has always been making pets, I love the challenge of trying to make a mutation, but just being able to have a critter that can fight with you is too cool.

*Lastly, what do you think of your associates in NEI? Does the guild suit you?
Everyone I have met in this guild is pretty cool and quite helpful, even though I don’t ask for a lot of help…lol. I enjoy being in NEI, it’s a good fit 🙂

*Thank you for this interview. It is a pleasure to have you as a new neighbour and I hope you will enjoy living in Lianorm for a long time to come!

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Fishing Leaderboard Results 2011: Week 21

Dear Citizens

It’s been the hottest week of competition on the fishing leaderboards – EVER! After a week of frenzied fishing by our best fishermen, during which we took the lead many times, but despite our best efforts towards the end, Storm Haven won over by a mere nose!

Well done to them, but more importantly, well done to YOU! Outstanding team work, Lianorm, I’m proud of you all. 🙂

Here’s hoping the competition eases off in the coming week – I know my fishing finger could use a rest lol. Don’t forget there’s more synthetic bait in the Lianorm storage if you run out. I’ve managed to build up our supply somewhat.

Good luck, and don’t forget about the fishing competition coming up on Sunday on Lok. See you there!


Mayor Alyxa

> Congratulations.
> City Lianorm has won the fishing leaderboard for the weekly period ending Thu May 26 12:00:00 2011 PDT.
> 1. ‘Storm Haven’, 22.329236m
> 2. Lianorm, 22.019786m
> 3. Tresario Base, 21.65719m

Fishing Leaderboard Results 2011: Week 20

Dear Citizens

I would like to congratulate you all on some outstanding fishing work last week! Our #1 place on the leaderboard has been reclaimed. We’re really getting back into the swing of things after the downtime. Now we’re back up to Four travel points!

We were very fortunate during the last week. Thanks to Hurst and Iv’va’s record fish, we were still able to access most of our travel points and were not greatly inconvenienced by the loss of one. Other guilds and cities were not so lucky! /hi5 Hurst & Iv’va 🙂

I wanted to bring to your attention the recent changes to fishing. Among other updates such as increased chance to catch elusive fish after a certain amount of time, there is a new addition to domestic traders’ schematics: Synthetic Bait!

Some of the benefits of Synth bait (taken from patch notes):

– On average, synthetic bait will last 50 times longer than natural bait.
– Due to its durability, synthetic bait cannot be lost from “A strong nibble leaves you without a baited line…” or “Something just tore the bait right off the end of your line…”
– Due to its durability, if the catch manages to get away (“Your line falls limp… whatever you had caught… it got away…”), the synthetic bait still remains on the hook.
– Fish swarm to the alluring and powerful scent of synthetic bait, which increases the chance of catching real fish (instead of junk loot and collection fish). The bonus is highest when the synthetic bait is in Good condition, less bonus when it is Worn, and least bonus when it is Shredded.

This is great news. I for one will be very glad to catch less collection fish!

To help us get a good headstart, I have made some small stacks of Synthetic Bait, but due to it being quite resource intensive (each stack requires 250 chum bait and 5 units of fish from every planet), I was only able to make very few stacks before running out.

I have set up a pack in the Lianorm Storage (attached wp) called “Bait & Tackle Exchange” located at the bottom of the stairs. If you don’t yet have access to the storage, please contact myself, -Wolf or Bialar + alts.

I will be keeping this pack stocked with synthetic bait as much as possible, free of charge. However, in return I ask the following:

1. Please take ONLY what you need: one per character! Synth bait lasts a while even though there are only 5 uses per stack.
2. Help me replenish the stock by dropping off your unwanted fish meat and chum bait in the pack. Alternatively you can offer your meat/bait to a Synergy vendor in the Lianorm Mall (see city waypoints /cityw).

Thank you everyone. Enjoy the new bait and good luck with the fishing this week. 🙂


Mayor Alyxa

> Congratulations.
> City Lianorm has won the fishing leaderboard for the weekly period ending Thu May 19 12:00:00 2011 PDT.
> 1. Lianorm, 19.74672m
> 2. ‘Storm Haven’, 19.099109m
> 3. New ReD City, 15.762774m