A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

City Travel Point News

Dear Citizens

Unfortunately, the galactic record for the blowfish now belongs to a player who does not live in Lianorm. Because of this we’re now down to three travel points. The system automatically removed the travel point from our Corellia waypoint.

It seems that some citizens have grown to rely on this waypoint. So in order to compensate for the loss, I have removed the city travel point to Bandits Hideout and put it on the Coronet waypoint. Members of NEI, being the most likely to use the Bandits waypoint, will not suffer much loss of service as there is a travel point available in their /guildwaypoint screen.

If, however, you need to get to Bandits and you are not in NEI, there is a Cloud Car in Lianorm, kindly provided by Iv’va, which will take you straight there! You can find the waypoint to the cloud car in the /cityw screen.

I hope this helps! 🙂


Mayor Alyxa


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