A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Lianorm Telegraph #65 @12-06-2011

And Lianorm residents make a good showing too!

29-05-2011@Lok – by Alyxa – The Eclipsian Return event, hosted by Oddwan, was a huge success with people turning up from all corners of the galaxy to take part in the festivities and to enjoy each other’s company. The evening started off with a huge barrage fireworks launched from the beautifully constructed stage, located in the south west corner of Lok. The spectacle was visible to arriving guests, who were invited to assemble on the stage. Galactic Rockstar Ma’at, who had moved into Lianorm only minutes before the party started, kept the growing crowd entertained with her unique style and talent.
    Ma’at also entered the fancy dress competition, and strutted her stuff alongside Faytlesyn. This event was judged by Oddwan and Alyxa, who had had a tough time deciding who the best dressed Eclipsian was. Everyone was a winner and all entrants received a prize. Appearances from Rick James, Michael Jackson, Santa Claus, a Mon Calamari Warrior, and a Wookiee Battlelord were the highlights of the competition however, and each received a special prize for their efforts!
    Lianorm citizens made an unprecedented show of force at the fishing competition, hosted by CIO. The waters were shallow enough to wade in and were perfect five star fishing grounds. Alyxa got the bottom of her party dress wet, but this didn’t deter her from competing as fiercely as her fellow entrants. Hurst, Iloc, Throttle and Arkisha did their best to land the biggest fish but alas, they were biting further downstream and another party goer won the prize for the largest fish. Alyxa, however, won a prize for the second smallest fish – a 0.17 blowfish. “Finally! A blowfish that’s useful!” she exclaimed at her dubious success.
    After the fishing frenzy there was an auction of a very nicely decorated Tree House, which went for a whopping 70 million credits! Other items went under the hammer too; Iloc landed himself a nice weapon augmentation for a not-so-cheap price. Nobody minded though, because the money all went into supporting the evening’s antics and future Eclipse events.
    A dueling contest followed, held in the arena, saw many of the galaxy’s finest combatants step up to challenge one another. Throttle entered the Jedi dueling contest and put up a good fight, but was unfortunately knocked out early on in the rounds. Bioge stepped up later, but as the start flag was dropped and she went to open fire, she found that her gun had jammed and refused to fire! “That’s the last time I use any of Wolf’s “special” gun oil”, she said as she stalked out of the arena, disgruntled at her unfortunate loss.
    The action didn’t stop there though! The open arena PvP saw the crowd tussle with one another on the factional battlefield. The Rebels put up a good fight but were ultimately rolled over by the Imperial force. It was all in good fun, however and everyone had a great time.
    When the show finally ended in the small hours of the Lokian morning, hostess Oddwan left the event area looking exhausted but very happy. She said, “It just goes to show what one great community can do together in the face of adversity. Long live Eclipse!”

Lianorm residents show huge support for the new project

30-05-2011@Dantooine – by Azira – Recent news of the departure of long-time Eclipsian trader, Serendipity, left the galaxy stunned and saddened. Her mall on Dantooine had been a hot retail spot selling quality goods for many years. More recently, it was an oft-frequented travel hub as Seren provided more and more ITVs to take galactic citizens quickly to all the unreachable corners of the galaxy.
    The loss was felt keenly by many citizens of Lianorm, who used Seren’s Mall and the nearby area as a staging ground for buffs and combat antics.
    It was not long before the despair of the loss wore off and the citizens of Eclipse mobilised themselves to fill the “Serendipity-shaped gap”. A new initiative, the Eclipse Community Project, was started by Eclipse Matriarch, Oddwan, and Lianorm residents Staright, Iloc and Alyxa. Plans were laid down to replace the Mall and ITV hub as soon as possible, and the piece of land where Seren’s Mall once stood was reclaimed to begin work on the project.
    Two weeks later, after much hard work, the new Hub now offers instant travel to ten different locations across the galaxy, including the Exar Kun Digsite on Yavin4, IG-88’s factory on Lok, the Nightsister stronghold, Death Watch Bunker, Geo Cave and more. There are also vendors selling Camps, Clothing, Pets and Weapons, with openings for more vendors to come.
    However, the Hub has become more than just a place to buy stuff and travel from. Forghyl has moved his buffing services to the hub, and Ainom has set up an Officer-stim drop service on the roof. Visitors also find that the Hub is a great place to use as a staging and preparation ground for combat and, after a hard day’s fighting, as a place to hang out, relax and unwind with friends. There are often entertainers passing through offering buffs and soothing company.
    None of this would have been possible without the support of the Eclipse community who rallied round and donated many millions of credits worth of items and ITVs to the Hub. Lianorm’s own Ludissk made a generous donation of 250 million credits from his stellar armoursmithing fortune, which was used to purchase another ITV. Alyxa, a little teary-eyed, blew her nose and said, “This is one act of kindness among many. It is heartening to receive so many offers of help, and receive so many generous donations. There are now so many names to mention in thanks that I don’t know where to begin. Thank you all!”
    It’s quite obvious that this is one project that truly belongs to the community. If you haven’t stopped by yet, set your navigation to -1115 2547 near Mining Outpost. The Hub is truly a sight to behold.

Xiola says “Do you know that…”
– Fishing is killing Eclipse?
– Instancing is killing Eclipse?
– Community is killing Eclipse?
– Playing SWG is killing Eclipse?
– None of the above is true?

Bioge interviews one of the Diner’s patrons about the recent security fracas

10-06-2011@Lianorm – by Bioge – The Lianorm Diner has seen very brisk business these last couple of weeks since its reopening after the security-bus boy incident two months ago which nearly wiped out the diner and all who were in it. I had a chance to sit down with Tauvo, one of the diner’s patrons for his impressions about the diner.
    “I looooove the diner,” snorted Tauvo in between bites of his favorite meal, Bantha Stew with Corellian Ale. “All the meals I’ve had here are good, not a bad meal yet… Then again, my sis owns the place. I know what to ask for.”
    And what about the complaints of the Gamorrean bus boys service? “I haven’t had a problem with them. The recent incident was because of the guard droids coming with subpar AI chips and it caused a riot.”
    “Gamos are like wookiees when it comes to arguments, so Tuomi had to get their droids rebuilt [as well as the entire diner].”
    The Gammoreans and guard droids are now working well together, that is, not tearing up the diner. Stay tuned in our next issue with another Lianormer’s impression of our beloved diner.

Today, -Wolf’s column examines LOS, or Line of Sight, how it affects you, and how it can be used to your advantage.

Line of Sight. Does what it says on the tin. Sort of. There are two types of Lines of Sight in SWG:

1. Physical LOS, such as what you can really see on your screen
2. Sector based LOS.

Physical LOS is the general rule of play when you’re out and about in the ‘world(s)’ but dungeon areas (Death Watch Bunker, instances etc) are divided into sections, as can be seen on the overhead map. Your sector will be the brighter area shown. Anything in this area is in your LOS, even if you can’t physically see it. This can be used to your advantage in a few ways.
    You can hit and attack anything in your sector as long as both your target brackets are over the enemy. In normal physical LOS it’s enough for the green target bracket to be around it. However, for sector based LOS, the blue one must also be on the enemy. You will have to manually ‘aim’ at the enemy using your xhairs/cursor over where they would be behind the wall/object they are behind.
    If the enemy is within their attack range, they’ll stay there firing at you. This leads to a lot of complaining that NPCs can fire through walls and players can’t. This is not technically true, as you can use the double bracket manual aiming as described above to hit them back!
    If the enemy is out of their attack range they will try to come to you. If they can physically see you, they will run to you and open fire as soon as they are in range. If they can’t see you, the AI goes wonky and teleports them to your position. This can be (ab)used to your advantage and is called the LOS pull (by me admittedly). There is an extension to this as will be shown later.

    The above is all relevant when enemies are in your sector. If the enemy is out of your sector, more AI checks are made by the game to decide if you can hit them or not. The enemy must also then be in physical LOS to achieve across sector attacking, the exception to this is doors. Doors usually open when the player comes close to them, this is, however, simply a graphical effect. The AI doesn’t see the door at all. Open or closed, you can fire through them, but if you want to fire through them, you have to put both brackets upon the enemy as with in-sector LOS attacking. The enemy will simply ignore the door altogether and fire at you. This leads to more complaints about NPCs cheating, but now you know how to cheat back!
    The final extension of all this is the cross-sector LOS pull. It works mostly the same way as the in-sector LOS pull, but to start the pull, you must have physical LOS (regardless of door status between sectors as mentioned above) and then instantly remove yourself from physical LOS (such as firing at the enemy then moving just aside of the door frame in your sector). This has the effect of, once again, teleporting the enemy to your location as you have forced them to move to you. Enemies don’t have any physical LOS reference to you, the AI just cheats and knows where you are at all times … and puts the enemy right there! Often they will simply de-aggro and run off; after the game moved them, the AI decided it was too silly/impossible to pursue you and cancels the combat. However, you can force them to stay in combat by making the initiation attack a DOT. You will also sometimes have to do this (for best results) with the standard in-sector LOS pulls.

    As a bonus, lets look at DOT pulling as well. Using a DOT to pull ties one enemy to you in combat (unless the DOT was AOE of course!) and so can be used to get a single enemy from a mob. If you use a LOS/DOT pull on a group/close set of enemies, those without the DOT frequently cancel the combat (usually every time in cross-sector LOSing) and so you can easily pick off the group one by one. This also works in the ‘world’ areas, but you may have to run around a bit to drop the aggro from the non DOTed enemies. You can still keep one of them annoyed with you though, which comes in handy when you just want to hit a quest NPC and leave their bodyguard(s) alone for example.
    The only thing you can do with all this information is practice it. Knowing the area(s) and how they’re divided can be massively useful, but describing each dungeon/instance, etc is way beyond the scope of this column. That part is up to you. Happy LOSing!

Attention all Foragers! Sell me your foraged bait! That’s right, Camaro’s Vendor inside of the Lianorm Hunting Lodge, along the main bridleway, is offering 10cpu for Worm, Insect and Grub Bait. You like to forage? We like the Bait. So don’t discard that bait, bring it on down to the Bait and Tackle Vendor for a few extra credits.

POSITIONS VACANT:The Telegraph is looking for Freelance reporters! If you have an article, short story, poem, or piece of news that you would like to share with your fellow citizens, feel free to mail your submission to Azira before any Sunday.

11-06-2011@Lianorm – by Hurst – As I drag my tired self across the dusty, wastelands known as Lok, I realize that I need to get my submission in for the Telegraph. I drag myself into a quiet corner of the local cantina and pull out my data pad. With a Bantha Beer in hand and a heavy sigh, begin to pound out an article.
    Wow, does time fly. The week of June 2nd was astonishing as Lianorm overtook ‘Storm Haven’ in the number of 1st place wins. Lianorm then sealed that deal as we placed 1st once again the week of June 9th. This was an astonishing win. Lianorm won by well over a 2 meter lead! As a matter of fact, ‘Storm Haven’ didn’t even make it into the top 3 positions. This was off the Hook! Iv’va and Balthus’Dire led the onslaught on the leaderboards that can only be described as an all-out assault on the fishing community. Iv’va placed 1st with Balthus’Dire close behind in 2nd. I found myself struggling to maintain 5th place. As always, an outstanding, solid job by all. You should all be proud.
    The synthetic bait seems to be holding up pretty good so far. So as a reminder, please fillet your catches and trade in your chum bait and fish meat for more synthetic bait.
    Now, unfortunately I must ask that you keep up this fishing spirit the next two rounds of fishing. I will be away on holiday, visiting new planets, touring ancient cities and meeting new people. This has been in the planning for quite some time now. So I will hang up my Fishing Rod for a couple of weeks and place the fate of Lianorm into confident and competent hands.

Azira interviews a new citizen: Balthus’dire

*Let me begin by welcoming you to Lianorm! My first question is quite obvious: how did you come to live here?
Danevang was losing citizens, so for the sake of my business, I needed a new city. I looked at Tigguo on Dant and Lianorm here on Naboo. And I must say that I liked Lianorm best. Its neat, tidy, super organised, and very well run, by a beautiful mayor.

*Please tell us a little about yourself so existing residents can get to know you a little better.
My main char is a Wookiee Jedi. I have been a jedi since forever, and when I go to combat, that that’s what I bring. I have played the game since early start. I’m from Denmark, so I mainly play in the Euro timezone.
Other chars: Balthus Junior: BH/BM, Danish Sandtroll: Spy, Kandari: Structures Trader, Snooop Doog: Trader (swap around, depends on whats needed)

*What do you think of the town and its residents so far? Are they friendly? Heard any interesting gossip? 🙂
I love the town. I know a few of the residents already, and have done both roleplay and combat with Iloc and Wolf many times. I like that we use City Chat, there is always someone to talk to.
I have heard that Wolf wants to settle down with wife and kids. He has a secret dating profile on the Holonet.

*Do you enjoy living on Naboo? Or would you ideally like to make your home on another planet?
I love Naboo, its peaceful and tranquil. I love visiting and exploring other planets, but Naboo is home.

*Do you have any plans for the future? What professions would you like to try out? What are your expectations of the game?
I don’t have many expectations. It take the game 1 day at the time. The horizon looks dark for SWG, but it all depends on how fulfilling SWTOR will be. If it doesn’t live up to peoples expectations, then I think we will see a boost of new players coming to SWG.

*What are your favourite in-game hobbies and activities?
Combat on Dathomir, fishing, collections, RLS hunting and treasure maps.

*Do you have any comments about the current Galactic Civil War that’s ravaging the galaxy?
No comments. I’m under to secret executive orders, and cant reveal anything.

*Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to our readers?
I want to thank the city for taking me in. I really feel welcome, and coming home from a long hunting and fishing trip always makes me feel calm, and at peace.

*Thank you for this interview Balthus. It is a pleasure to have you as a new neighbour and I hope you will enjoy living in Lianorm for a long time to come!

—–End of edition—–
Copyright: Azira – Lianorm, Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy
Lianorm Telegraph archive: http://bit.ly/lia_telegraph
Join the Lianorm City Chat in-game!


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