A Star Wars Galaxies player city on Naboo, Eclipse Galaxy

Fishing Leaderboard Results 2011: Week 24

Dear Citizens

Congratulations on another outstanding win! Lianorm had a more than four metre lead over our nearest rival on the leader boards this week. I am sure that such a high score has never been seen either; 22.92m!

Just a quick reminder that one of our star fishermen, Hurst, is on holiday for the coming two weeks. Just try to throw a few casts in his honour while he’s away and I am sure he’ll appreciate it. 😉

Keep your hooks baited and your nets at the ready, and good luck for the coming week.

Best wishes,

Mayor Alyxa

> Congratulations.
> City Lianorm has won the fishing leaderboard for the weekly period ending Thu Jun 16 12:00:00 2011 PDT.
> 1. Lianorm, 22.920452m
> 2. San Loco Nexu, 18.52064m
> 3. Tigguo Cobauc, 18.32556m


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