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Lianorm Telegraph #68 @25-09-2011

Which side will have victory?

06-09-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – A recent announcement revealed that the Galactic Civil War conflict is set to come to a head just before the galaxy comes to a close on December 15. Scores will be tallied and whichever side has the most points will “win the game”. New events and conflicts are set to be scheduled in order allow galactic residents to do their bit for their faction during this definitive conflict. At the moment, the Rebels are showing their strength on Eclipse with a strong lead over the Imperials. Will the Empire Strike Back or will the Alliance take all? Either way, our galaxy’s end of days event will be themed after whichever faction wins. If you don’t want the last thing you see to be the Darth Vader’s boot or a singing Ewok in your face, you’d better get cracking!

Mandalorian Armour was the order of the day

07-09-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – Lianorm residents Alyxa, Joris, Bard’ika and Iloc’ last night took part in what would likely be the last Death Watch Crafting run organised out of Lianorm. The team, which also included Al’bel, Oddensa, Adaso and Darkor, began a precision strike at approximately 23:30 “local” (i.e. Dutch) time. Due to the strength and experience of the group, the raid was over within 30 minutes and the team emerged with a brand new Mandalorian Helmet Schematic in hand. The helmet has been crafted by legendary Lianorm armoursmith, the one and only Ludissk, and has since presented to its proud new owner, whose wish it was to own a piece of Mando armour before the Galaxy comes to a close.

Alyxa says “Do you know that…”
– You can catch a planet’s full compliment of gigantic fish in approx. 550 fish?
– Dantooine shoreline is not Bothan-friendly?
– Many cities let their grass grow too long, especially on Corellia?
– This is also not Bothan-friendly?
– /carebothanStare?

Galactic Housing Authority changes boost confidence

08-09-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – The latest figures from City Hall suggest that Lianorm will have enough citizens to maintain the current rank and shuttle until December 15. Recent changes made by the Galactic Civic Authorities now permit residents to be away from their homes for 180 days before their homes become zoning violations. The limit was formerly 90 days. Under that scheme Lianorm stood to lose a large number of citizens before the final closure in mid-December, however, Mayor Alyxa is now confident that the city should go out largely “in one piece”.
    The town is one of a few early cities still standing in our Galaxy, however, Lianorm has consistently maintained rank as Metropolis despite dramatic drops in overall population over the years whereas many other towns have shrunk or disappeared. The first major exodus occurred when a large majority of the Dutch United Lowlands community left after the NGE in 2005. Shortly after, Mayor Durga opened the town to non-Dutch citizens, a move which helped secure the city’s future.
    Approximately 20 percent of the town’s original pre-NGE cast still live in Lianorm. However, it is largely thanks to the newer citizens that the city is the successful metropolis we know it as today.

His activities insult the olfactory system

08-09-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – After a number of citizens complained about a strange odour emanating from a structure near the north east of Lianorm this week, this reporter decided to investigate. The smell can only be described as a curious mingling of a vinyl shower curtain and freshly baked cookies with a dash of the finest Scotch Whisky. After following our noses to a Large Naboo Houses on the shores of Lianorm Lake, it emerged that Imperial Ace Pilot, Ducca Crais, has been busy in his kitchen lately. When questioned as to what he was doing, Ducca said that he was burning chips at the Mayor’s request.
    “She needs a lot of chips lately. I’m not really sure why, but I’m happy to oblige”, he said with a grin as he turned back to his fryer.
    Ducca’s neighbours will be pleased to know that this is the last batch he’ll be cooking up for a while, as Alyxa now has all the chips she needs. “This last lot is just for me,” Ducca chuckled. “These overload chips give really great energy boost for … you know … a busy evening at the pool house”.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, but do you feel fine?
By -Wolf FreeLoader

The game will be ‘over’ soon. Many people are feeling a sense of foreboding and sadness about the up coming losses we will all suffer. But do we need to? Will all that was SWG really be gone?

    At its basic level, SWG is a game with items in it. Some items help other items, while some items help you directly and some are for show. There are some great decorated houses in this game, and they will soon be gone. But they don’t have to be lost entirely. Go out, find and screenshot them. Make a fraps video. Then they’re saved.
    The same goes for the items you like. Your favourite gun for example. Just save a picture of it, then it’s never really gone.
    When my original account was banned, I lost quite a lot of items, but fortunately I had images of the ‘cool stuff’ so when the initial shock and sadness wore off (which happened quite quickly as well I was simply left with the frustration of having to go into game situations without my ‘best stuff’. As the game world ends at the same time your stuff is lost, you won’t have that problem to worry about.

So what else is there? Friends, community…
    They don’t have to be gone. Social networking is the forefront of the internet now, including mobile devices. If you truly want to keep in touch, it’s easier than ever. There’s no sadness to be felt, only joy at knowing you can go onto new and different things with the same people in the future instead of lamenting the past that can never endure  under any circumstances.
    Community? Well that’s tied to friends. You tend to hang with the same crowd in or out of games online, maybe even in real life. While it’s true you’ll never be able to hop back in game and all meet up in Mos Eisley, ask yourself when was the last time you did that anyway? The player base is shattered and those glory days seeing 100 people in Theed are long gone anyway, so there’s nothing to lose that isn’t already a mere memory. There’s a thousand things you can do with the same friends that can be done in other online mediums in the future, if you want to. It’s down to you to keep in touch and keep the spirit up, nothing really has to die with the end of this game.

Gameplay, situations, events…
    Those great times when you all ran to the bottom of a cave only to be killed and have to do it again, the time you banded together to defeat that boss and so forth. Those times best exist in our memories. There’s still fun to be had in this game, but doing the ‘same old’ is much more a social activity than an adventure or gameplay thing these days. Nothing compares to the first few times you do something, when it’s still fresh and new and there’s exploration and the unknown to lost in. Losing the same tired old hoops to jump through isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most of us have had time off at some point during the game’s history when we felt burned out with the ‘same old’. The coming closure is a longer break, but there will be no worry about what you’ll miss before you return. There is only the opportunity to let go and move onto different new things with your friends.
    While it’s true things will never be the same, things never really do stay the same anyway. Is the game and situations you play now the same as when you started? Maybe if you’ve been playing under 2 years you could get away with saying ‘yes’ but for most of us, a lot has changed many times over and we have always come out on top with stronger friendships and closer knit groups. This is once again one of those times.
    What will only be lost is the active status of a game that dared to break a mould, that dared to be awesome instead of cookie cutter or ‘safe’ as so many games are now a days. There never will be another SWG, but we all were fortunate enough to enjoy the one we did get. While it’s true the game’s had its ups and downs, the final game we sit here playing now isn’t so bad and is still a cut above the rest even after such destructive measures were implemented with the likes of the original NGE.
    Stay close to your friends, stay in touch. Take your memories with you from this game, but don’t cling on to a saddened past. Grasp for a brighter, different future.

Dear Aunt Beru,
    I am so excited! There is a beautiful twilek that has been sending me holo messages. She says she is stuck on Tatooine and needs 1000000 galactic credits to buy out her contract so she can have her freedom. She told me she would even come and visit me when she got free.
    Aunt Beru, do you think I should do this? I don’t have that many credits but I think I can make them playing Sabacc. I have a very large ship I can use as collateral.
– In Love

Dear “In Love”:

It’s a trap.

Aunt Beru

Flight now permitted within atmosphere

Atmospheric Flight over Lianorm25-09-2011@Lianorm – by Azira – Recent changes in galactic legislation has lifted restrictions on flying through planetary airspace. Previously citizens were restricted to landing and launching their starships only from authorised starports. Now, however, they are free to launch and land wherever they so please. On the day the ban on atmospheric flight was lifted scores of galactic citizens turned out at Mos Eisley starport to test their wings in the atmosphere. Elsewhere in the galaxy, others were enjoying their favourite sights from a whole new perspective. This change has not come without casualties however. Many pilots and their ships, being unused to flying in the atmosphere, have met a crumpled end after flying too fast near the ground. Others have found that their ships lack the necessary instruments to be able to fly safely in areas where vision is impaired, such as the misty swamps on southern Naboo or during a sandstorm on Tatooine. Many buildings have  been damaged as a result. In Lianorm it was found that one of the city hall spires suffered minor damage after being clipped by Iloc’s gunboat on a test flight during a downpour.

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Fishing Leaderboard Results 2011: Week 38


City Lianorm has won the fishing leaderboard for the weekly period ending Thu Sep 22 12:00:00 2011 PDT.

1. Lianorm, 23.696187m
2. New ReD City, 21.59561m
3. Galactic Retreat, 19.92834m

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